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WoW Classic just introduced the concept of Naxxramas to its Azerothian denizens

WOW Classic US Gold World of Warcraft Classic has been a nostalgic ride for many Blizzard fans. Also known as Vanilla the old game was recreated and re-released and it's been quite a year for WoW Classic. But now players are inching closer and closer to what would have been patch 2.0 bringing an end to Classic.

I mean it's cruising there right now as Classic just introduced the concept of Naxxramas to its Azerothian denizens which heralds the end of the expansion and the lead-in to Burning Crusade the best expansion: no need to at me you know I'm right. It's also the point where a lot of my friends quit the game as me and a few others got more into it starting with Burning Crusade on. It was an exciting time for WoW!

World of Warcraft Classic

There’s more than just a creepy new structure flying around though World of Warcraft Classic US Goldcrafted nature resist pieces are now available with a high enough Cenarion Circle reputation and Nature resist enchants for leg and head gear are now available from Zul’Gurub in case your guild isn’t quite done with Ahn’Qiraj just yet.

When Naxxramas is unlocked Classic’s Phase 6 Scourge Invasion event will also begin. This will notably allow players to farm “Necrotic Runes” that can be used to obtain “Consecrated Sharpening Stones” and “Blessed Weapon Oils” that will be useful when fighting the abundance of undead monstrosities in Naxx.

A possibility that could be the future of World of Warcraft Classic after Phase 6 would be for Blizzard to move into Burning Crusade which is arguably the best of the early expansions and then make new content for Classic. It would build out the fanbase both in Retail WoW while keeping Classic fresh for those who like the old-school style of WoW. But whatever Blizzard has in store hopefully Classic won't be completely abandoned after Naxx. is the best place to Buy WoW Classic US Gold for better WoW experience and faster progressing throughout Azeroth! Buyers protection fast delivery and best gold rates at our marketplace.Biggest discount safe,all hand made no hack and no bots will happen!