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WoW Classic is too difficult for its time

Nostalgia in all glory. But when "World of Warcraft" goes back to the roots, I'm not sure it was really better in the past.

Since its success release in 2006, “WoW” has made an incomparable journey. With its elaborate yet easy-to-understand MMORPG, Blizzard Entertainment took the world by storm. Competitors were crushed on treadmills and Azeroth became a popular cultural phenomenon, as well as a home for millions of people. Since then, the game has been renewed and developed - all to stay current with its time and continue to attract fans.

Still, I sit here, 15 years after its release, playing "World of Warcraft: Classic" - the original experience, such as "WoW" looked long before expansions were even envisioned. In "Classic" there are no high-resolution textures, smooth character animations, worgens, blood elfs, death knights or demon hunters. It is the game in its absolute pivot.

Not everyone is convinced that the development has been positive. "World of Warcraft: Classic" is more than just a flirtation with the past. It is a journey back to a bygone era where neither talent trees nor interfaces were streamlined. Few tools were available and I spent hours finding players willing to lose themselves in a day-long dungeon adventure. Now I can relive all this again!

wow classic

"Classic" embodies a "WoW" when it was the simplest in its execution, but the most difficult in its challenges - with social interaction and collaboration. Here is something that has long been lost and that does not exist in the latest expansion "Battle for Azeroth". Today's version is more automated, where I can transport myself around the world with a push of a button and manage a dungeon in 15 minutes. That is why it feels extremely organic and genuine when I relive the glory days by once again playing a paladin in Azeroth, without the help of either the game or add-ons.

With that said, "World of Warcraft: Classic" is far from a holy grail. On the contrary, it can sometimes be a real torment that only the most hardened and patient players can enjoy. The motto is that hard work is rewarded and that you have to fight for the bread food. Much of modern "WoW" improved old features for a reason.

Spending 40 minutes on a single quest may have been exciting in 2006, but killing 50 wild boars to get five quest items is not good game design. The idea of ​​having to do this for three to four weeks - just for me to reach the maximum level of 60 - is a most breathtaking thought.

Nostalgia is tangible, and although I sometimes love this bygone era, it won't be long before I'm back in "Battle for Azeroth" again.

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