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World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic beta for the first expansion to the Classic series has already begun

The World of Warcraft Classic: Burning Crusade Classic closed beta is now live, Blizzard announced in a new WoWHead update.It’s a prime opportunity for newcomers to World of Warcraft to experience the game’s first major expansion, first released in 2007.

At BlizzConline 2021, Blizzard Entertainment revealed that World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic would be coming soon. Fast forward a month later and the beta for the first expansion to the Classic series has already begun. However, not everyone will be able to hop into the Dark Portal and play.

Blizzard is in the process of sending out invites to players who have opted into the beta. If you haven’t done so but want to revisit Outland and go head-to-head with Illidan Stormrage, you better put your name down.

How to join Burning Crusade Classic beta
If you haven't received an email from Blizzard yet inviting you to the Burning Crusade Classic Closed Beta but did opt-in, you will need to wait patiently for the next wave of invites.

However, if you were "not prepared!" as Illidan would say, and didn't sign up, you can still do so now.

world of warcraft burning crusade classic how to join closed beta content getting started

Follow the simple steps below for a chance to join the Burning Crusade Classic Closed Beta.
  •     You must have an active World of Warcraft subscription, so sort that out.
  •     Head on over to the World of Warcraft Classic website.
  •     Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "opt-in"
  •     Click on opt-in and then log in with your account.

Congratulations, you are now signed up for a chance to get into the Burning Crusade Classic Closed Beta.

You can opt in on Blizzard’s site for a shot at getting into the beta on US or EU servers. WoW Classic’s upcoming expansion was initially revealed at BlizzCon earlier this year. Burning Crusade centres on a demonic faction called the Burning Legion, and primarily takes place in an area called the Outland. Alongside heaps of fighting and grinding, you can take to the new expansion as a Blood Elf or a Draenei.

Those who are selected to take part in the World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade beta will receive an email directing them to the app where they can download the beta.

Blizzard recommends checking your account to ensure a Burning Crusade Classic beta license appears under your game accounts if there’s any suspicion about the email’s source.

Do the usual driver checks and app updates if needed, then open the app, and select World of Warcraft.

In the Game Version selection menu, pick “Burning Crusade,” install it, choose whether you’re creating a new character or copying an existing WoW Classic character, and you’re good to go.

World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic features
If you’re unfamiliar with Burning Crusade, you can check out the announcement trailer below to get a taste of what you’re in for. Players will head into the iconic Dark Portal to take the battle to the Orc’s devastated homeworld of Draenor. Ultimately, you will assault the Black Temple to face The Betrayer, Illidan Stormrage.

Burning Crusade also adds two new races to the game – Draenei for the Alliance and Blood Elves for the Horde. Characters will be able to reach a new maximum level of 70. Plus, you can take to the skies with flying mounts. is the best place to buy World of Warcraft Gold and items. We are trusted by millions of MMO players because of safety guarantee, low prices, fast delivery and professional services. Everything we do is to empower your gaming.