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UT Mode in FIFA 19 Pioneers Recommended and Analyzed and Choose a Land Reclamation Player

In the UT mode of FIFA 19, in addition to Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi and other superstars, many cheap and practical players are also very useful. Many players don't know how to choose the pioneering players. FIFA 19 UT mode pioneers recommended and analyzed.
Only used for rent, no doubt, the C position of the ST position can be used for a long time, almost graduated, although the annual and the season of 99 Luo if this year can still 99 is qualitative change, but for most players Pu Jinluo is enough. Very cost-effective ST. That's right, although he is the LM position, but the most suitable is still ST, absolutely value for money.
Four flower Five inverse is his advantage, compared to 18 Pu Jin and a black (with 19 Pu Jin score), this generation of hand improvement is not small, but also a lot of flexibility, the shot is still very stable. With Aguero, Obamyan, Salah and other players have partnered with double ST, you can very surely say that is better than them. The feel is close to 18, there is not much change, if you pass the control, he is still one of the best Premier League ST.

UT Mode of FIFA 19


Can control the ball, 81 short pass without any moisture, in the generation of the pass is weakened, Aguero's short pass will make you satisfied. However, as ST, the sense of presence and end is not as good as Sun. If you need an Premier League ST, that is better at both price and performance. A good front waist can also play ST, but it may waste his passing ability. The feel is not bad, although there is no radiation characteristics, but the actual effect is very good. In addition, the presence of CM is extremely high, and his shadow is everywhere.
The lowest cost ST, no one, you can't say that he is junk, but far below expectations. Speed 94? The actual performance is like 84, a card that is not recommended for purchase at all.
For this popular cross-over style, Mertens has a low sense of presence, but in the traditional pass-and-control style, he is still a big killer and can also play the front waist. If you liked this short article and you would like to get even more information concerning Buy FIFA 19 Coins kindly go to the internet site. Compared to 18, the feel is declining, but it is still very good, and the shot is very good. Although it is still a lot worse than Mertens, it can be used at once and the position is excellent.
The best CAM in Serie A is also the top non-legendary waist in the game. The feel is excellent, the only drawback is the 3 reverse, other aspects are perfect. In addition to low physical strength, there are basically no shortcomings. In the 19th, the circulation is greatly weakened, Messi is one of the few players who can still play the advantage of turning the circle. Compared with Dibala, the all-round gap, of course, is also the price. The sense of existence is not high, it is commendable that the passing is relatively stable.
Feel very good, shooting is very demon, playing CAM is also very suitable. This generation of long-range shots will have a strange rising arc, so far only see Gretzman and Paulinho played. The body is very strong, but the model is not big, the feel is OK, the overall use is quite satisfactory, not as strong as imagined. The disadvantage is that 3 reverse, do not expect too much from the right foot shot.