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The server change in WoW Classic will be free until September 23

Blizzard has opened a slew of free character transfers for Classic WoW in an attempt to alleviate the massive queue times some realms are experiencing. The announcement was made on the official World of Warcraft forums.

Blizzard continues to juggle to try to offer a good experience with WoW Classic, they simply did not expect such a resounding success, players are achieved with screens that prevent them from playing for half an hour or even more since there are too many people on the server. The problem must be a real nuisance since the change of server is usually not free.

"At this time, we do not yet have a final time when we will turn off the Free Character Moves listed above, however, we expect that time to be no earlier than Monday, September 23. As always, we strongly encourage you to utilize the Free Character Move service as soon as possible. Free Character Moves will be closed without warning for any destination realm that becomes full."Blizzard said.

WoW Classic is being a success but the sensations that it is leaving in some are not very positive since they cannot play as such. It is not the first time that an MMO suffers from these problems, not even Blizzard's first, but it is still annoying to repeat these situations.

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