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The road ahead for NBA 2K16 is still long

The beginning moments of the game are somewhat peculiar and a little old-school. Instead of the game featuring a formal tutorial, it takes into account that either the controls are simplistic enough for newcomers to grasp readily or that enough players have familiarity with the game to not necessitate any form of tutorial. After loading the game, 2K16 jumps right into a game between the Spurs and the Heat, and players must complete that game in order to jump into other game modes or access the main menu screen. During this game, the only sound is the game’s soundtrack, which removes the sounds of the court and the commentators, even when the music is muted. Reacting to this first game depends on the player and if hands-on learning is preferred; equally so, the game doesn’t count for anything except practice, so there’s neither harm nor foul, but this beginning may feel disjointed for some while feeling like cleaning out the cobwebs for others.
The in game graphics in NBA 2K16 are quite impressive. Almost every face is recognizable and the court and lighting look great. If graphics are important to you then this game doesn’t disappoint on the court. Just off the court could use an improvement. The crowd is generally pretty average unless a big dunk happens. The crowd doesn’t have much life to it although the stadium does empty during an away team blow out which is a nice touch. In the end the on court graphics are excellent but there is always room for improvement. Despite NBA 2K16 providing arguably the best commentary in sports gaming the road ahead is still long. There hasn’t been any real update to the commentary for years and it seems they have “shifted into neutral” when it comes to commentary improvements.

Terrible writing aside-and it’s hard to put aside, because of the frequency of dialogue-My Career represents the next evolution of career modes in sports video games, and the efforts to create a lived professional athlete experience hits the mark, otherwise. Whether answering questions at a press conference, making decisions about clothing and sponsorship, or even wading through vapid conversations with your teammates, coach or agents, My Career continues to be one of the most well-thought-out sports video game career modes. Making a choice about moving to another team for me was no longer just informed by winning or money-I felt a connection with my digital teammates, who had put up with my douchiness. I no longer just wanted to be successful to advance my career; I didn’t want to let down a team of real, kind of round characters. I felt happiness when my teammates succeeded, not only because it improved our chances for winning a game, but because I actually cared for them.
"As the engine is more and more refined for the newer consoles, the physics of actual play will get better. They're still very good, but some players will find frustration with not being able to do whatever you want," he writes. NBA 2K16 review is also mostly praises. Josiah Renaudin gives the AI of the game thumbs up for being craftier and the flow of offense smarter. "The NBA 2K series has done well to make you feel the weight of the player and friction of the court in recent years, but handling the ball has never felt this intuitive.," he wrote. Besides general gameplay improvements, NBA 2K16 has added a few new defining features, the most prominent being the new shot-release system and the face scan. The former appears on all four major consoles, and has generally gotten positive feedback.
There are times when you're playing NBA2K that you feel like you aren't really playing. The amount of animations jammed into the game will often times cause your player to either run out of bounds, run into other players, or just do the stupidest shit imaginable. Do we need animations that do this 2K? No, really, do we? When I push a button, I damn well expect that button to do something! As your career advances, you get to upgrade your athlete's attributes. In NBA 2K16, various attributes are grouped into categories like Athlete or Jump Shooter, so you don't have to manage each attribute on its own, which was a rather tedious affair in past games. You can also practice in the gym so that you can get better control over your player. This is important because don't want to explore a newly unlocked skill in a game that counts.
2K claims that player AI was fine-tuned to react better in terms of help defense, doubles and rotations. I found that I could exploit this, however, by stacking my back court with sharpshooters, exploiting openings created by the help defense and raining an inordinate amount of well-timed three pointers. I'm talking three-pointers accounting for an abnormally large majority of my score in a quarter. This is magnified by players seeming a step slow in defensive recovery when controlled manually, even with the improved side-by-side movement. As such, I recommend sticking to man defense against players who stack their back court with accurate shooters. Guarding star players also can be a nightmare, though I guess that's true in real life as well.