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The presentation throughout NBA 2K16 is fantastic

Once you’re on a team, you interact with the members during cut scenes between games. I tried to earn their respect but every now and then I just came off looking like a jerk. It’s usually easy to tell which is the “nice” option, so if you want to keep morale up you shouldn’t have a problem. Those options didn’t always jive with me though, and sometimes I just had to speak my mind. Maybe you guys should feed me the ball, I just spent a bunch of points so I can shoot better now. Sorry Beal, but that’s the way it has to be.
The presentation throughout NBA 2K16 is fantastic, from the menu screens and commentary to the gameplay itself. The players look eerily realistic; their faces grafted onto nicely animated figures that storm about the court with purpose. The arenas themselves look incredible too, with lights flashing and the crowd leaping up and down excitedly, just as they do in real life. Step back from the screen and you’d be forgiven for thinking this was live TV. The movement of the players is staggeringly good, with them becoming more laboured and sweaty as each match progresses.
Alas, this provides little assistance and winds up more of a distraction than anything. It’s entirely too small to notice, and it takes your attention away from feeling out a shooter’s release. It’s also completely unnecessary; disciplined players are still better off just learning how each player shoots the ball. The Points of Emphasis introduced last year have also been tweaked, allowing for three separate adjustable preferences for offense and defense. There’s more strategic depth now, and it’s more fun to find the best settings for you. As much fun as the mode is, all I learned about myself is that I'd make a lot of people awfully angry as a GM.

There's another way to run a NBA team in 2K16, MyGM, and that mode is more in-depth than I ever expected. I figured I'd be dealing with team financials, building and maintaining a roster, and keeping team personnel happy (especially the owner) but I never expected that they would throw something I said back in my face. The game remembered when I told a player he'd get more opportunities to play, and he was awfully angry when I didn't. The team owner held me to every word I said, so when I didn't make the playoffs in year two he was awfully angry. Even the media didn't like when I softballed answers at them, so they got awfully angry and skewered me with tough questions.
Down low play has also been upgraded and you can expect to have the ability to put more post moves on players in order to create space and let yourself get off that baby hook for the score. Cheesing on defense has been cut down on those in bound passes where you used to be able to camp out and grind steals. Online play for me was a mixed bag. I love playing in MyPark and taking my created character onto the street courts to pit my skills against other players. Unfortunately, when the game launched this was nothing short of a mess. My game would constantly freeze or I would step on the court and then lag out, among other issues.
Otherwise, this is very much the same amazing game of basketball you've played before. The big difference is that now there are many more ways in which to do it. Regrettably, the legendary teams aren't available online, presumably because the '85-'86 Celtics would just destroy everyone. However, you can take the Association mode--NBA 2K's version of the franchise mode--online this year for the first time, with up to 29 other friends. It works functionally how you would expect it to, though that's not always a positive thing.
Another major addition is something called 2KTV. This isn’t a game mode but an actual show with weekly episodes, hosted by Rachel DeMita who has a strong background in basketball herself. Each week a new episode is released consisting of interviews with players, like cover star Kevin Durant, and the development team who give tips on how to improve your game. There are also clips sent in by players of the best moves they did in the game which are showcased too. It’s actually pretty interesting to watch as it gives more depth to NBA 2K16 as a whole, and a look at the community that surrounds it.