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the first class introduction in V4 since launch

Buy V4 Red Gems V4's new archer class has now arrived in Nexon's latest MMO. There will also be a series of events to celebrate her arrival too so you can expect a few easy to get rewards to be available.

To celebrate the launch of the Archer Class Nexon has announced a range of bonus events for all players in this MMORPG

Check-In Event: Available from November 18th players can participate in a 14-day check-in event to earn support gear for the new Archer class with Brellan gear set Rare Mount Pet and Companion.
Mega Prime Time Event: The Mega Prime Time Event available from November 18th allows players to support their character development with rewards increasing to max 500% EXP constant Prime Time.
Archer Update Celebration Event: Available from November 18th this event gives players 300% EXP potion Epic companion Shuryl and Demon stone when users reach a certain level.

Specializing in ranged physical attacks the Archer class the first class introduction in V4 since launch is a class that deals devastating blows with a bow and arrow. With short skill activation times Archer can dole out swift attacks making her the fastest class in all of Syllunas. Using her bow and quiver the Archer has six skills that can be activated in lightning-fast succession allowing her to disrupt the battlefield with a variety of attacks that can turn the tide of any battle.

In addition to the introduction of the Archer class players will have access to a new area Anguished Forest and the brand new Phantom Abyss Dungeon that will be added to Beast's Void. Additional updates include new equipment slots legendary Eldon earrings recipe for creating epic rings Cheap V4 Red Gems and modifications to items that players can store as they traverse the open world of V4.

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