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The aforementioned aspects of NBA 2K16 might make you pretty excited

2K Sports has showered all aspects of the presentation with the same love, introducing new features like NBA 2KTV to the main menu. The soundtrack is the cherry on top of what is a wonderfully presented sports game that looks and sounds excellent. Featuring interviews with NBA players, tips, highlights and more, it's a really novel way to foster an NBA 2K community, and could prove handy for amateur players like myself hoping to improve. The home console version of 2K's NBA 2K16 is an all-star caliber sports video game. However, the mobile version gets relegated to the bench. Even though the game doesn't look nearly as good as it does on the PS4/Xbox One, it looks quite high-end as a mobile title. With graphics that look like a late-era PS1/early-era PS2 title, the presentation, both audible and visual, is satisfactory and is by far the biggest strength of this game.
Admittedly it’s an interesting idea for the single player story line. Most sports sims just get you drafted by a random team or instantly put into the line-up of the team you want. Having to play your way through a 10-day contract to get a guaranteed year-long deal is quite fun. The worse the team is the more likely they are to keep you round. You only play short sections and are graded on how you perform on the court. Your overall grade after the game determines how many extra coins you win and coins are used to upgrade your player. Progress is painfully slow because when you start, you aren’t very good. But there is hope. Something the game didn’t tell me was that you can earn coins by playing the other modes.

NBA 2K16 creates passionate gameplay. I scared my dog and my girlfriend once by leaping into the air and loudly taunting the game's digital recreation of Serge Ibaka after I stripped the ball from him with less than five seconds left on the clock in a 102-102 tie with the Oklahoma City Thunder. In a flash, I'd snagged the ball and lobbed it back down the court to a waiting Carmelo Anthony; who took the pass, dribbled a few feet and delivered a monstrous dunk that left every fan at Madison Square Garden screaming in celebration. An inbound pass and one failed half-court shot later, the Knicks stood triumphant over Kevin Durant and the other losers on the best-rated team in NBA 2K16.
It's here that the real meat of the game lies. You get to take your player from rookie to star. It's tough going, but it's definitely worth persevering with. Learning where you need to be, when you need to be there, and how you should play, makes for a really engrossing experience. There's plenty to tweak to tailor the game to your liking as well. You can change the length of the quarters, speed up the action, and generally have a poke around to make sure you're getting the most basketball you can get out of each session. NBA 2K16 ($7.99, Universal) offers a great leap in basketball on iOS to offer full five on five basketball simulation with deluxe 3D design, and realistic motion for the first time. The result is equal parts authentic, and fun to play making it a great pick up as basketball has finally arrived in the App Store.
Online is lag free and as smooth as single player games. Playing real players across the globe is fantastic and knowing there is a human on the receiving end of your 20 basket lead in the fourth quarter feels satisfying although its tough to play on if the role is reversed. NBA 2K16 has its ups and downs but its essentially one of the best sports games ive ever played. Its easy to get to know the rules of the game and sinking a 3 pointer never gets old. 2K16’s second to none presentation is by far the star of the show with its silky smooth, challenging but satisfying game-play taking the runner up. Whether your a basketball fan or not, i urge you to give this game a try.
While the aforementioned aspects of NBA 2K16 might make you pretty excited, there are some issues with the game. The biggest is the long loading times, so bring a TV show to watch or book to read, because you’re going to get some serious down time. NBA 2K16 almost always needs to communicate with the 2K servers to manage your saves and communicate your successes in MyPlayer. If there is server trouble, the game is almost unplayable. Aside from the first night, the servers have been strong, but consider yourself warned. There are some glitches - sometimes the sideline reporter will have an interview with an invisible player - most of them are harmless, but not all of them. The biggest issue I ran into was when a player was hurt in myGM mode and the game wouldn’t register my roster changes and refused to let me play, claiming a player in my top 8 was injured. This meant I had to sim until the player was no longer hurt - which meant simming the playoffs. Not great.