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Starting May 18, players on Burning Crusade Classic realms will be able to create two characters

World of Warcraft Classic, which is essentially a legacy server of the classic WoW experience as it launched back in 2004, has been running alongside the ongoing WoW servers and storylines since it released in 2019. Announced at Blizzcon earlier this year, the game’s first major expansion, Burning Crusade, is now releasing as the natural next step in Classic’s progression.

Heroes who choose to cross the Dark Portal will find themselves in Hellfire Peninsula, an aptly named barren wasteland, where fel orcs and cruel demons roam free. The established outposts of Thrallmar (for the Horde) and Honor Hold (for the Alliance) are not able to deter this endless tide of darkness on their own. It is up to you to fight for this shattered world to rid it from evil. . . or watch its demonic denizens consume everything you hold dear.

"For many World of Warcraft players, the original Burning Crusade was their first step on an epic journey that's still going on today—but for many others, stories of fleeing the Fel Reaver and confronting Illidan at the top of the Black Temple are just the stuff of legend," said J. Allen Brack, president of Blizzard Entertainment. "With Burning Crusade Classic, we want to give players a chance to experience the trials and triumphs of Outland in a way that hasn't been possible for more than a decade, and do so adventuring alongside old friends and new. We can't wait to travel with everyone back through the Dark Portal once again."

However, if the leak is true, we are not sure that this means that the pre-patch will be released on June 1, or that the expansion TBC will be released in full. But the latest leak about the pre-patches of the TBC classic World of Warcraft will be released on May 18 – this was discovered in the Global String of the classic PTR data mining of the World of Warcraft. Therefore, if the prediction is correct, players will only get two weeks in the TBC pre-patch, which puts a lot of pressure on players. They need to upgrade the roles of draenei and blood elves in time to open the dark gate.

At Blizzcon, players were told that they’d have to pick whether or not to continue their Classic characters in Burning Crusade Classic, which will remove them from Classic’s pre-expansion facade. Now we know that that decision will be made before the expansion releases in June and won’t be so do-or-die.

Also starting May 18, players on Burning Crusade Classic realms will be able to create blood elf and draenei characters and experience the two races' new starting zones in the Azuremyst Isles and Eversong Woods, preparing their new heroes for the opening of the Dark Portal on June 1. From the day of the patch through launch, players will also be able to participate in a limited-time in-game event as demonic agents from beyond the Dark Portal pour into the Blasted Lands and assault key locations across Azeroth.

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