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Some quetion about Warmane Bots And Bans

Warmane is one of the most popular WoW private server in the world, features 5,000+ regular player everyday. Features same gameplay style and timely update with the official WoW server, Warmane private server provides x7Exp rate, and x3 Reputation/Professions/Drop rate.Never had a WoW private server been so popular and so fair. Warmane has its own anti-cheat system, players who use hack tool will be banned permanently. It’s just a substitute of the low Exp/Drop rate official server, not a cheater’s paradise.

We get why these developers want to ban botting as they want you to get your Warmane Gold in a more "honest" and safe kind of way and we can appreciate that. But many people have found ways around getting caught out when they are using a bot. For example, some players will make sure that they are using a really good fight class so that if people are watching the game, you do not 100 percent look like you are using a bot.

Recently Warmane went on the warpath and a lot of people were banned for using bots. This was no itty bitty ban either! These apparently are all perma bans which sucks for these players, but at the end of the day, we all know that botting is something that most MMORPG's are wanting to crack down on and Warmane is no different.

Also, keep an eye on your bot! Some people will fire up their bot and just leave it for a day and expect miracles to happen. For the most part, bots are pretty sophisticated these days. But they can still crap out on you, do weird stuff and allow a developer to easily see you are using one, this happens and you are banned, so try and check in as much as you can. Try not to use the same email and account names as well if you are going to be botting. We are not saying that breaking the rules is ok, but lost of people do it as long as you are not hurting other players and you are being smart about it, we do not see any big harm.

But please remember that this is against the rules and if you get caught you will get banned!

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