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Season VI Scourge of Winter is now available in Conquerors Blade

MY.GAMES and developer Booming Games announce that Season VI: Scourge of Winter is now available in Conqueror’s Blade. Players of the popular medieval MMO can travel to the Ostaria region, where a new enemy has claimed the frozen lands of the North. Against all odds and through the cold winter, heroes from across the known world must join forces. They will face the harsh conditions of the worst winter in living memory and take back the North from the troops of darkness. The terrifying army of Defilers, led by the legendary Winter Scourge, must be defeated.

The description says that, despite great difficulties and during the most terrible winter in history, heroes from all over the known world must join forces if they want to take revenge and recapture the North from the forces of darkness. The add-on itself will add:

With a new Season Campaign, the story of good versus evil will be revealed! In Season VI: Scourge of Winter, a terrifying horde known as the Sacreds attacked the North. Moving under the veil of the freezing darkness of winter, these bandits do whatever the Winter Whip commands. It is said that the cruel wrath of this tyrant has plagued vast regions from beginning to end of winter. As those who survive their brutal attacks flee to the south, the heroes must form a compulsory alliance and fight against this terror focus and save these lands from disaster.

The frozen land of Ostaria is a beautiful but dangerous area. Facing a terrifying winter, Warlords must watch out for blizzards as they cross the Ostaria region. The seasons will change with the Dynamic weather, a new feature of the Conqueror's Blade world. The new PvE content, which will open later in the season, will offer special rewards that can only be won by the toughest defenders of the North.

This new evil is too great for even the greatest soldiers to face it alone. Players must banish the Sacred by claiming their most trusted units through Unit Upgrades! During Season VI, complete Unit Claims to upgrade your existing units to Landsknecht, Armiger Launchers, and Liao Rangers.

Unlock over 100 free and premium rewards, including the Savior Unit Ornament, the Arkhon Hero Embellishment, and more, by defeating the Unholy and overcoming the new Season Claims. Starting today, players will be able to start their campaign in Season VI: Scourge of Winter with the Sacred Hero Ornament. They can pre-order the VI Battle Pass!

Unlock over 100 free and special rewards, including Savior Unit Ornament, Arkhon Hero Embellishment, and more, by defeating the Divine and tackling new Season Claims content. Starting today, players can pre-order the Season VI Battle Pass item to begin their campaign in Season VI: Scourge of Winter with the Divine Hero Ornament!

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