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Raft, an oceanic survival game from Redbeet Interactive, in 2018

Axolot Games, the creator of the well received crafting game Scrap Mechanic, has announced that it’ll publish Raft, an oceanic survival game from Redbeet Interactive, in 2018. This is a game where players can play alone or join forces with friends to endure the the ocean's dangers and live another day.

What is Raft about?
A disoriented raft drifts around in the middle of the open sea. There seems to be no land in sight and a hungry shark is already lying in wait, ready to destroy the boards that hold the small raft together. It takes a real survivor to get out of this shaky situation.

On a small piece of wood, with nothing more than a hook made from old pieces of plastic, you wake up in the blue ocean. You are alone and there is no land as far as the eye can see. The water is calm and all you can hear is the faint sound of the waves and a gentle breeze. With a dry throat and an empty stomach, survival will not be easy.

When I played, it was largely just a game about making a very large wooden platform while occasionally being troubled by a fish, and it was a good way to pass a few hours even then. Now it seems to have land exploration, SCUBA diving, and buckets and buckets of lore. And since it's still in Early Access, it just keeps coming. If you like survival games and you've somehow not given this one a try yet, now might be the time.

Raft starts and we spawn right on our little raft with nothing but a hook in hand. There is neither a tutorial nor further instructions or assistance. We are just as lost as our character in the open sea.

So we drift on and pick up everything we can find with the hook. At first it looks like Raft is a survival game with no further story. Only after we have set up a radio and a navigation system do we get to the first of many locations, each with its own story to tell.

As time goes on, our raft gets bigger and our facility more and more advanced. Likewise, the places we travel are getting bigger and more impressive.

Raft started as a student project in 2016 in Sweden, which was posted on as a free demo, gaining a huge following. In May, a paid version for Steam was launched where it currently sells for € 19.99.

The game quickly became popular, selling 400,000 copies in its first 2 weeks. But, as players pass "the finish line" of the game, its popularity has been decreasing, and right now, they only sell about 40 thousand copies a week (which for a game made as a demonstration, there is nothing wrong, let's face it).

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