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Phantasy Star Online 2 Gets Valkyria Chronicles

buy PSO2 Meseta The Phantasy Star Online 2 is a free to play the game. PSO is an online role-playing game that has been developed by the Star series. It was then later on Published by Sega. It has been created as a successor of the original Phantasy Star Online.

The title is “Sega Legacy” and it comes with variety of outfits from various Sega games.As usual this includes outerwear basewear innerwear accessories emotes and consumables.

They include outfits from various Sega games including the original Valkyria Chronicles Valkyria Chronicles 4 the Yakuza series Virtua Fighter and more.

Phantasy Star Online 2

The collection items are available through the Phantasy Star Online 2’s scratch ticket system. It gives players a random item from the collection. So basically a scratch ticket is going to cost about 200 AC a piece. In terms of USD that will amount to $2.

In the meanwhile Sega launched the sixth expansion on PS4 Nintendo Switch and PC in Japan where the game is still going strong enough to get a physical release. You can also watch a recent trailer showing a new class and more content coming to the Japanese version. It’s likely that the same stuff will show up in the western version as well at some point.

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