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NBA 2K17 Patch 1.06 deals with mostly gameplay improvements

NBA 2K17 has kept its great sell and has no drastic rivals in the field of basketball. MyCareer mode is the highlight of the the NBA 2K17. The game will deepen the career mode again, allowing players from the University League began to build their own superstar.  It ascribes to these six modes. NBA 2K fans are addicted in these modes. And in NBA 2K17, it does better. This generation of NBA2K17 park mode and career mode are all very good. The designs more balanced, and there is no absolute superstar. And the previous NBA 2K17 patch 1.05, 2K has solved the issues about MyPARK/2K PRO-AM mode. And now NBA 2K17 Patch 1.06 is coming. The patch is for both PlayStation 4 (7.4 GB) and the Xbox One (2.6 GB) and is available now.
Looking at the patch notes for Patch 1.06 for NBA 2K17 , this update deals with mostly gameplay improvements. In particular, there are some fixes made to MyPark ahead of the addition of MyPark’s Park After Dark, which started this weekend. Immediate steals from an inbounds play and back bump dribbles were things addressed inside this title update as 2K tries to get MyPark perfect for its new endeavor.
Other gameplay fixes that were affected include increasing the speed in which the CPU get into their offensive sets and running plays. There is no reason for the AI taking 10-15 to get setup, only to force a rushed shot as the shot clock runs down. Besides the fixes mentioned, it seemed that everything else is cosmetic as the look of the game was the key to this recent update. Broadcast stadium cameras were adjusted for the Bucks, Mavericks, Kings and Clippers, while the Hornets received the correct pre-game court projection in this patch. In the new NBA 2K17, we can found that the entire game interface is simpler than the previous version, and 2K has added some new NBA elements.
In the player's most attention to the operating experience, the player can adjust the rocker position, sensitivity and size according to the set page , this design is very affinity. As with the previous series of games, the left side of the interface is still the direction of the rocker to control the direction of the player forward, and the right side of the interface is shooting, passing, pick and roll and other action keys. Particularly worth mentioned, the fluency of the game higher in the new NBA2K17, the player's reaction for the operation is also faster, more agile action. It’s worth to have a play. If you want to know the full notes about NBA 2K17 Patch 1.06, you can check 2K’s facebook.