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NBA 2K16 will give you a glimpse of a real NBA player

Thankfully, NBA 2K16 sees a subtle overhaul to almost all of these different aspects of the on-court gameplay, and the result is the most authentic-feeling NBA game I’ve ever played. It all starts with the spacing. It was something I touted as 2K’s biggest gameplay improvement after watching 2K’s live stream, and time with the retail copy has proved this to be so. In basketball, spacing is everything. There is only so much room for 10 giant humans to operate, and the way players bunched up last year made many offensive options untenable. Things like pick and pops and isolation were just nonstarters, because neither you nor the CPU would have enough room to operate in order to actually run your offense. Instead, the game bogged down to forcing passes to the rim on pick and rolls or trying to get free for a long jumper.
Let's start with what you'll see first: the menus. A lot of people don't put much stock into the 2K menus, but something has to be said for a game that's willing to make changes to a menu concept that's worked well for years. My initial reaction to such change is usually some combination of confusion and anger (I don't like change), but the end result of these tweaks is a slick, beautiful, and equally navigable interface. On the other side of the ball, 2K has added new shooting mechanics, an improved shot meter, a new play system, complete pass control, multiple resolutions for dunks (i.e. throwing the ball into the hoop like Blake Griffin if you don't make it to the rim), and increased post-up control, among other things. The new shot meter would've been a huge step forward in itself, but coupled with automatic and strategic play calls and the multitude of new controls, the changes to this year's gameplay are leaps & bounds ahead of previous versions.

The NBA 2K16 release date arrives this week, bringing big new features to this highly anticipated basketball game for the PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Here’s a look at 11 things NBA 2K16 players need to know about the game and the NBA 2K16 release. With no NBA 2K16 demo to play, gamers are eager to see how the game plays, including how the new animations and features handle on the court. Although NBA 2K16 is easy on its CPU requirements, it requires a really high-end GPU to shine (especially if you are going to push AA at its maximum values). Given the fact that there isn’t any SLI profile, our GTX690 performed similarly to a GTX680. To our surprise, there were some drops to 50fps during cut-scenes, though we do have to make it crystal clear that while gaming our framerate did not drop below 70fps.
Unlike last year, which focused on a rivalry between you and a fictional player named Jackson Ellis, NBA 2K16 tries to give you a glimpse at the life of a real NBA player by increasing your interactions with coaches and players. The assistant coach teaches you the Xs and Os of hoops during halftime breaks and film sessions. If you’re not executing properly, he lets you know. No matter which team you play for, another player takes you under his wing and show you the ropes. The idea of interacting with a real player on a regular basis is thrilling, but the experience can be interesting or horrible depending on the performance. Some players, like Al Horford, sound convincing. But others, like DeMarcus Cousins and Markieff Morris, sound like they were just going through the motions during the voiceover sessions. Their monotone, stunted performances are bad to the point of being comical, sometimes pausing mid-sentence before resuming the reading of their lines.
Unfortunately, despite having high hopes for MyTeam mode due to its certifiably epic teaser trailer, I found it to be the least interesting of all that I tried. Card-powered mechanics return, and though real-time buying and selling is a nice touch, it doesn’t go far in terms of making the core gameplay of this mode truly great. The same can be said of MyGM, which feels a bit under realized here, and despite both modes allowing for the use of real money to speed things along, I was never engaged enough to actually entertain the idea.