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NBA 2K16 knows the makeup of the league

NBA 2K16 boils down to some basic modes which include: MyLeague, MyGM, MyCareer/MyPark, 2KTV, NBA Today and MyTeam. MyLeague focuses on providing the player with a completely customizable season and franchise experience. MyGM focuses on giving the player the reins of an NBA team as the general manager and allowing you to set everything on the team, ranging from ticket prices, roster spots to even what workouts players will endure. MyCareer/MyPark meanwhile focuses on YOU, or at least your virtual self and how you will become an NBA legend.
Stephen Curry, who is coincidentally set to appear along with his team in this year’s NBA Finals is among the three cover stars chosen for this year’s game. Joining Curry is James Harden of the Houston Rockets and Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder. It was delicious watching Strauss Zelnick give the business to someone who doesn't know the business. "We are bigger than Madden, thank you very much," Zelnick replied. "So I would say, can Madden aspire to be bigger than NBA 2K16?" You begin with a quick pre-draft exhibition game with other top rookies, aiming to showcase your talents to prospective teams. That's followed up by some post-game interviews with interested teams, who gauge your interest in playing for them with insanely detailed questions.
2K16 knows the NBA, and knows the makeup of the league. When the Wizards interview your prospective point guard, they're frank about the fact that they already have their point guard of the future in John Wall, and are mainly looking at you as a depth player. How you answer these questions affects both your draft status, and your own persona. The NBA 2K series from 2K Sports and Visual Concepts has been the reigning champ in the basketball simulation for the past couple of years. It helps that EA's NBA Live series have dropped the ball (no pun intended). But even then, NBA 2K has simply been playing a mean game, consistently delivered the most realistic presentation and gameplay possible.

I think the last time I actually devoted time to a sports game that wasn’t an add-on or in-game extra was back sometime in 1995 and it went by the name of Looney Tunes B-Ball. The game was as dope as most of the denizens on lower main road and had me about as hooked. Hooked because the game was fun, hooked because it was fast and fluid and hooked because a great deal of passion went into making it. I am happy to say that those elements that had me addicted to fluffy bunnies slam dunking have manifested themselves in 2K sports’ NBA2K16.
Both still look off base. There are a few other players who could probably stand to be redone to match the rest of NBA 2K16's clear and present beauty but not enough to warrant a serious complaint. Some might take issue with the fact that few strides have been made on the visual side, but let's be honest: The game looked ahead of its time last year. There's no crime in simply sustaining in this area-especially if time, attention and expertise were applied to other areas of the game.
Your NBA 2K16 player's skills can be improved through buying skill points with your contract money or by doing individual and team drills -- most of which are new to this game. My shooting guard took advantage of the new arsenal of moves in "NBA2K16" to put up 33 points in 16 minutes in his first game. (Oh, you didn't think your rookie was going to be in the starting lineup, did you?)
As for new features in NBA 2K16, the big one is MyGM Mode, a twist on Franchise mode dedicated toward becoming the league's top general manager. After players create a GM and start a season, they meet with their owner to review expectations. Success or failure will sway the owner's trust in your abilities. GMs level up as well, earning bonuses such as improved negotiating tactics on trades or the ability to tinker with lineup rotations. If a trade is in the works, virtual GMs may have to respond to questions about trade rumors.