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NBA 2K16 can hold a players interest for a while

Defense may prove the biggest obstacle for newcomers. When tracking a player around the court, it's easy to get drawn into unintended animations, giving the attacker just the opening he needs to make a play. I also saw a player clip entirely though a defender's torso while going up for a shot, an immersion-shattering occurrence I thought this series had left in the rearview mirror long ago. Despite these annoyances, the moment-to-moment action is enjoyable whether you are controlling a full team or your MyPlayer. Meanwhile, Shaq and Ernie replace the usual loading screens before the game, and say a few words about a certain situation that a team is in. Sadly, most of the time, it just turns into Shaq making unfunny joke, and it all feels empty without Kenny the Jet Smith and Charles Barkley to balance out the silliness of the superstar.
Of course, it’s the well loved modes that remain the real highlights, with ‘My Career’ now combined with ‘My Park’. Here, you’ll create a player at any position you like, and also give him any dimensions. Unlike previous years, however, you won’t begin your career in the rookie combine, but as an undrafted rookie trying to make it into a team one ten-day contract at a time. It actually plays a little like Sony’s old NBA games, where your career is actually a story. Driving to the basket, meanwhile, requires some thought as you can't just simply waltz in and expect good results. In fact, mindlessly driving in is a good recipe for turning the ball over, getting blocked or throwing up a low-percentage shot. Instead, you'll need to take advantage of movement and smart passing to create space and scoring opportunities, regardless of whether it's under the rim, at mid-range or beyond the arc.

Within the MyCareer mode is the MyPark mode where you can take your baller online to play three-on-three street-ball pick-up games. The first thing you do is choose a team. The different teams offer different enhancements to your character. For example, the Sunset Beach Ballers excel at shooting, the Rivet City Rough Riders are all about rebounding, and the Old Town Flyers are defensive aces. You earn rep during play, and that unlocks new capabilities for your player and club. You also earn virtual currency you can use to upgrade player attributes or buy items from the MyPlayer store. Online battles bring out the competition in all of us—I usually don't care what kind of shoes my player is wearing, but after being ridiculed for looking generic I felt the need to blow some cash on some flashy sneaks.
No matchmaking for Park/Rec mode: One of the best things about this year's 2K is the revamped Park mode, but it still lacks polish. Because there is no matchmaking, you'll constantly see lower-ranked guys be shunned away from courts and you'll be matched with trolls who have no idea what a basketball is. Let's not even get into the loading that is required for not only getting into a match, but switching courts or trying to join friends. Everything is online: If you're not connected, you ain't playing (in that you aren't earning VC). This shit just shouldn't be. I understand it's probably to help against exploiters, cheaters, what have you, but it hurts the average player -- especially when the notorious 2K servers go down.
With the numerous modes they offer NBA 2K16 can hold a players interest for a while. Sports games don’t really end so hours and hours of 2K can be played without feeling like you are completing the game. I love the NBA and my love of the NBA is stronger than my disappointment with the final product. I still play the game regularly six months after release so I cant say it isn’t worth the money but just know the more time a player invests in the game the more frustration will rise. 2K has the potential to put out a truly outstanding game but year after year fail to listen to the community, strip game modes and introduce features the community never asked for so they can market it as “New Features”. I am a bit harsh with the review because of the potential product they could realistically put out with all the money flooding into 2K via VC. It is certainly worth the purchase if you love the NBA but just be wary, the game is an equal source of fun and frustration.
I still play NBA 2K16 to this day so it may seem odd that I have given it not too favorable reviews but the game is still very much worth it I just know 2K has it in them to put out a better product.