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MyTeam is the answer of NBA 2K16 to FUT

NBA 2K16 starts with a repeat of the 2014 Playoff final between the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat, a match set to the beats of Pharrell Williams's awesome soundtrack. Featuring some of the league's best teams and players, this is a match designed to show off as much as introduce the new gameplay tweaks. And when a game looks this good, you can't blame 2K Sports for wanting to brag. The players on both side of the ball are, well, bad. On the user's side, player stamina drops far too quickly. A player will go from fresh to winded in the time it takes to run from one end of the court to the other. Not only is it grossly unrealistic, it's a complete pain in the butt -- especially when you consider that players seem to have two speeds: walk and sprint.
Micro-transactions are now embedded like a burrowing tick into our premium games. After shelling out $90 for this game, 2K games would like you to also pay extra money to make your character look cooler. This annoyed me more than any reaction gif that I could find. So I’ll just sigh really hard and carry on: SIGH. Once you get on the court (in any mode) the experience is top notch. the commentary is smooth and conversational. The flow works well and all of the animations are smooth. Very few times does one animation jerk suddenly into another one. Using the right thumb stick as the shot stick as well as literally everything else, took a bit of practice, but once you get it down it all feels very natural.

As someone who doesn't play sports games all that often anymore, I'd forgotten how difficult it can be to jump back into a genre that grows and changes almost as quickly as the professional sport that it's based on. Those with little patience for learning new mechanics are likely to find frustration during their early moments with NBA 2K16, but the payoff is there. The moment you realize you're becoming a master of the virtual court is as rewarding as any I've experienced in any game of any genre. I'm actually having trouble putting NBA 2K16 down long enough to review the rest of the games coming out this holiday season. The game starts off by letting you feel your way around a quick match. Here you pick a couple of teams from the NBA, each with their proper roster of stars, and take one of them out for a spin.
Sports games have had a tough go on iOS with FIFA being the only franchise to offer an actual playable full scale simulation. NBA 2K16 has joined FIFA, and the result is an enjoyable game of basketball from start to finish. Basketball is a relatively frenetic game that has a lot of moving parts, and 2K seems to have finally ported the engine from consoles to iOS, rather than trying to make a mobile version. It’s close enough to the console version to fully enjoy, and forget about the previous hampering of the earlier mobile editions. Once you’re able to perform a couple of passes on a fast break, or dribble into the lane, and kick out for a three, you know you have an actual basketball game.
This bar indicates the sweet spot of your shot so it may increase in size if you stick a player who is a 3 pointer specialist just outside the 3 point boundary which raises your chance of sinking a sweet 3 point shot. The AI is relentlessly tricky especially on harder difficulties. They will feel like they know every move your going to make and they seem to all gather under the basket as you try out for the triangle offense and ridding of your marker is a challenging task before you can go for a lay-up. The whole on-court experience is fantastic. I couldn’t wait for the next match once one had ended and NBA 2K16 is one of the best sports games I’ve ever played. MyTeam is NBA 2K16’s answer to FIFA’s Ultimate Team but not as well implemented as the UI is unbalanced guess work as there was no overall scores to show which player is better than which although its easy to earn virtual currency to buy new players.
In short this year’s effort builds on what was already the best basketball game about, I’m pleased they have addressed some issues that really annoyed me from 2K14 and if only they can improve the online service this game will become unstoppable. If you are fan then you probably already have the game, and if you are on the fence I encourage you to jump off and start shooting some hoops.