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Modes aside NBA 2K16 feels crisp and plays well

Having heard many of last year's complaints, Visual Concepts has completely overhauled MyGM mode, making crucial functions like the ability to set lineups and minutes available from the start. It's still possible to buy GM levels using VC, but it's framed more as a boost. Leveling up now has the benefit of unlocking various perks, such as the ability to negotiate more effectively with potential free agents, with XP being earned by winning games or completing trades. Player introductions return to the series for the first time in roughly a decade. Despite occasional pixelation involving spotlights in NBA 2K16, the lineup introductions build on the anticipation created by the pre-game show. The pre-game presentation passes the baton to the in-game broadcast team, but they stumble. The game jumps abruptly from player introductions to tip-off, without the commentators doing much to introduce the occasion. It's a design decision which hurts the game’s flow and immersion.
I hesitate to lay the blame on the development team. NBA 2K16 announcer Steve Kerr took the Warriors’ coaching job in late-May - likely too late for the 2K team to make any major changes to the broadcast cast. It feels like the 2K team tuned down Kerr’s commentary contributions as a compromise. Plus, former halftime presenter Damon Bruce, possibly due to circumstances having nothing to do with 2K, did not reprise his role in this year’s game.Kerr’s apparently reduced commentating and Bruce’s absence lead to noticeable silence throughout significant portions of the game, particularly during a now-quiet halftime show that shows stats but no highlights. And frankly, it does feel weird having Kerr on the commentary team while coaching the Warriors.

It makes teams with good interior defense, such as the Chicago Bulls, feel more authentic. The increase in contact cuts both ways. There are more and-ones-which is a good thing-and more free throws for gamers who attack the basket with skill. The engine that determines charges and other offensive fouls has been tweaked. Last year, some gamers used to try to get cheap charge fouls in the back court, but this exploit has been handled. The different levels of impact dictate the result, and it functions realistically. On the downside, there are a few gaps in gameplay in which there doesn't appear to be a sufficient animation for the situation. I noticed a few instances in which the ball didn't react in a way that was realistic.
Second, there is MyGM. This mode allows you to take full control of any one team by making you the General Manager. You get to scout players, hold press conferences, and create chemistry with the teammates via the new conversation system. If there is any one mode that was made for simulation fans, this is it. MyGM will have you playing non-stop. MyPark is the online game mode in which you take your created player to the streets to play against other people's created players. You get to choose one of three factions, and whichever team you choose will give you a special boost certain abilities. Over time, there will be weekly tournaments against the three factions that can net you huge credits for player customization.
Modes aside NBA 2K16 feels crisp and plays well while looking great. Shots are now measured by a timing meter on the bottom of each player that allows you to learn proper release points for each player as well as various types of shots. Shots feel better and actually take true bounces and rattles like in the NBA. This was a big problem for last year’s game as well and to me it is inexcusable to have it happen again. However, since that less than stellar launch the game has been patched quite a bit and now the online modes seem to be stable and playable; regardless, this was a huge turn off for anyone who had experienced these headaches in the past.
The graphics in NBA 2K16 are quite frankly amazing, player models are now so life like at times it’s almost eerily scary how realistic they look, and now its seems with the added power of the next gen consoles, it finally means that white players don’t look a little creepy as they had previously done and now look just as good as their black teammates. Hair and especially beards are particularly impressive, with some such as the one James Harden sports, look good enough to run your hands through.