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Minecraft remain popular today

Minecraft Coins Winners of Apple’s App Store Best of 2020 were announced with Among Us and Minecraft taking first place in key categories. Both games have been around for some time - Minecraft originally released on mobile platforms nearly 10 years ago and Among Us in 2018 - but the two games remain popular today. Among Us has been especially notable this year as its popularity unexpectedly skyrocketed years after its launch capturing the imagination of many fans.

One of the titles that never ceases to amaze in regard to how popular it is is of course Minecraft. new data indicates that worldwide there are now 600 Million players active. A juicy fact though 400 million of them originate from China alone.


Minecraft and Among Us joins Genshin Impact in Apple’s winners’ circle winning the categories for Top Paid iPhone Game and Top Free iPhone game respectively. This year’s awards held by Apple commemorated apps that brought people from all over the world together and gave them the ability to have fun despite the coronavirus pandemic.

That being said it’s not surprising that Minecraft was Cheap Minecraft Coinsable to hit such impressive milestones and we’re sure that it will continue to reach more for many years to come. Many gamers turn to Minecraft for its complex gameplay despite its somewhat simple-looking aesthetics.

Earlier this year developer Mojang revealed that Minecraft has since sold 200 million copies worldwide. This figure covers every single platform that Minecraft is available on including mobile devices which continue to see an increase in players. Although the milestones that Minecraft continues to hit are definitely impressive it is not at all surprising. Much of the game's appeal is derived from its complex gameplay allowing players to do just about whatever they want in a vast open-world environment. is the best place to buy Minecraft Coins,Our goal is to make the long-term relationships between both of us threrfore we have full confidence in dealing in the cheapest Minecraft Coins for our customers.