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MapleStory 2 Has Been Finally Arrived on PC by Developer Nexon Korea Corporation

Fans are going to have a hard time securing a founder's pack for Nexon's upcoming MapleStory 2, as the studio announced that the packs have sold out for the rest of the Closed Beta 2 test. Along with the launch of the game, the new Runeblade class will be playable, there will 12 new dungeons available, along with more content. The level cap will be increased from level 50 to level 60, as well.
At the middle tier, you get everything from the Explorer package, 3,000 more Merets another 30 days of Premium Club, the Gold Ribbon outfit, and the Founder's Regalia Chat Bubble. As the game does not explain everything properly in this guide you will learn how different mechanics revolving about level and Money making works. Since its official launch, MapleStory 2 has become one of the biggest MMORPGs on Steam and a beloved game for 1 million players due to its unlimited customization, quests, and its fun community.
The game has a main quest that helps new players learn the ropes. There are also world quests that can be obtained from NPC around the game to. The player even has the ability to build a house and customize it. Those who want more action can look to the end of the trailer. There, MapleStory 2 displays some of the combat, which comes in different classes.

MS2 Battle Royale Mode


This is a standalone version of MS2's Battle Royale mode. People who play the Mushking Royale Pre-Season and create a character will have the ability to reserve names once the game officially launches. For the highest of rollers, the Legendary package offers another 4,000 Merets, another 30 days of Premium Club. If you are not using any item and it is just sitting in your inventory then you sell them on the black market. the higher the rarity of an item the more money it will fetch from the market.
Players who solve the murder mystery at the Mon Bloody Chouchou Hotel and complete the Stamp Event can collect Pumpkin Coins and exchange them for special Halloween themed items. Maple Coins are the ingame currency. The spinning wheel is an example of the loot boxes that some game have been using to earn a new pesos.
MapleStory 2 will, like its progenitor, use cutesy visuals for characters and monsters alike. Beaten raccoons in forest areas yield a bunch of coins, giving the MMO a little arcade feel. If you loved this article and you would like to receive more info regarding Cheap MS2 Mesos kindly visit our web site. You should aim to complete these goals as if you succeed you will able to earn a couple hundred thousand XP and if you are lucky you can even find treasures. Founded in Korea in 1994, the company is now headquartered in Japan and listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In 2017, Nexon was placed on the Nikkei Stock Index 300.
Together with MapleStory 2, the company has Blue Streak from Cliffy B, Human Element from Robert Bowling and a cryptic title from the Sleeping Dogs developers in production.