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How To Earn Warframe Platinum For Free

Warframe is in no way a Pay-To-Win game. Platinum is mostly used for slots and cosmetics and can essentially help with faster mastery rank progression but there is no content wall that’s hidden behind the currency. While you can always opt to purchase platinum when frequent 50 or 75% discount are given to you as a daily log-in reward (at least to support the hard-working developers), you can also use the following methods and never spend a dime. So let’s get right into it.

One of the most popular ways of making Platinum in Warframe is selling Prime items such as Prime Warframe parts and weapon parts through the trade chat and marketplace. A Prime Warframe set usually goes for over 200 Platinum, depending on its popularity. You can easily farm all these Warframe parts within a couple of hours of doing void fissure missions. Prime Warframes and weapons are earned by opening Void relics. You can get these egg-like objects when you complete specific types of missions. To find the parts of a Warframe you need to find the specific Void relics that contain those parts and open them by completing Void fissure missions.

Earning Platinum through syndicates are very trustworthy. Each company will let you buy some wareframes, searching modes, and some special weapons. Now instead of purchasing syndicate weapons by using syndicate points, get Platinum. You can sell each searching mode for around fifteen platinum. When you are maxed out by syndicated, then do not buy weapons rather bye some mods, which will help you gaining more Platinum.

If you wanna make the big bucks then you need to complete The War Within and start farming Rivens. Rivens are powerful, randomized mods, but they require time and effort to not only farm, but to reroll. This method will require more homework, grinding, and patience, but can result in massive amounts of plat. At the height of the Meme-ing Strike meta, there were Rivens going for 4000 Platinum: that’s a few hundred dollars worth of plat right there! While this has mellowed out, you can still sell well rolled Rivens for a thousand plat or more. Riven Market is a good place to see what people are looking for, and to check prices if you choose to get into the Riven trade. Moreover, provides Cheap Warframe Platinum for players. As an online in-game currency store for many years, we’ve received great reputation for our reliable service.