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Honestly NBA 2K16 does contain some structural issues

The presentation of NBA 2K16 is exacting in its replication of the televisual experience of an NBA basketball game, far exceeding any other sports title this crowded release season. The commentary, which has always been great in the series, even in the Dream cast days with Bob Steel and Rod West, continues to be a strong part of the game’s overall broadcast feel. The inclusion of real audio clips from sideline interviews as part of the “broadcast package” feels like a revelation, and I wondered why we haven’t seen it used in sports video games more given the extensive back-catalogue of recorded audio available from more than a half-century of televised sports.
MyCareer/MyPark: What used to be 2K’s pride and joy has descended into something that is a distant relative to its once great MyPlayer mode. In NBA 2K11 MyPlayer players could create unlimited, completely different MyPlayers and upgrade how ever they desired within the attribute caps, play quick matches online with up to 9 other user control players, matchmaking and the insanely popular Crew Mode. In 2K16 players create one avatar (MyPlayer) who is used in park and career but if you want to create another career the new player will have the same name and appearance as the last MyCareer. Instead of upgrading individual attributes in 2K16 players are forced to dump VC into different upgrade groups which upgrade a handful of attributes at a time. Honestly I don’t hate this idea but the reason it fails is because there are only SIX categories. Players cant upgrade Driving Layup without upgrading Post Control. To improve Shot Close you must also raise Shot Three.

The addition of MyGM gives players a chance to completely head a basketball team. From drafting rookies to cutting team members, players have the ability to make all decisions for the team of their choice as well as play the traditional seasons of basketball like a normal franchise mode. In regards to presentation, MyGM utilizes a defaulted general manager who directly communicates with the customized player generated in MyCareer, and that player ends up becoming the face of the team and the official public representative of the general manager. This ends up feeling a little strange, since most of the dialogue choices throughout the “storyline” are made by the MyPlayer and the general manager sets goals that need to be met throughout the year, ultimately feeling like the customized player is making decisions based on what the computer-generated GM dictates.
Regardless, the MyGM mode yields an complete basketball experience-from press conferences to team management-that would only be bettered by applying it to a Connected Careers-type mode as found in the Madden franchise. Though NBA 2K16 does contain some structural issues, they are small compared to the far more glaring technical ones. My personal favorite miscue is interviewer Doris Burke's propensity for sliding to the center of the court and interviewing an invisible player. This happens every one or two games I've played. Then there will be times when the referee holds on to the ball for a good 15-20 seconds while I just wait and wait (and wait). Long load times don't help at all, and there are plenty of them as you navigate through menus. It's not as if the NBA 2K series has never had technical mishaps, but the sheer volume this time around stands out.
The other aspect of MyCareer that is disappointing is the created player himself. Unfortunately, by virtue of the mostly terrible dialogue writing and the tone and delivery of the voice acting, the player comes across as very difficult to actually like. Even statements that should be innocuous come across as arrogant at best, and plain irritating at worst. There is a wide gulf between confidence and cockiness, and the player certainly falls on the wrong side.
I wish that NBA 2K16 didn’t have the net code issues it has. Without them this would be a (pardon the pun) slamdunk purchase for all basketball fans. On the court the magnificent gameplay ensures you’ll want to play game after game. Unfortunately, if you want to play those games online you’ll inevitably hit a brick wall. If your plan is to play mostly offline you’ll find a lot to love here. Hopefully 2K will quickly iron out their issues and give this game the infrastructure its gameplay deserves.