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Here is how to run the ball in Madden 21 effectively

Check your calendars and set your clocks appropriately. It's officially Madden Season. Madden 21, EA's latest installment in the annual football sim franchise, is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Madden 21 is faster and tougher than ever and no longer will your usual tactics give you the win that you’re accustomed to in the game. You will need to put your weight into the game and win matches all by yourself and the first thing to do is strip the ball of your opponents.

If you're looking for tips on how to run the ball against the CPU or other players online in MUT and Franchise mode, we've got you covered. Our latest guide will cover the deceptively deep elements of the ground game in Madden. Here's how to run the ball in Madden 21 effectively.

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How to hit stick in Madden 21 defense
A hit stick in Madden 21 defense involves lining up in front of the opposing player on offense and then delivering a huge tackle once they have the ball. It first arrived in the Madden NFL 2005 game, and has continued to be a helpful part of defense in the new versions.

When To Strip The Ball In Madden 21
It is not enough to know how to strip the ball. We must have the intuition to do it at the right time since the opponent will be more susceptible to the losses due to the ball's lack of protection. If we want to take the ball from our opponents, we must wait for the opportunities.

The timing needs to be absolutely spot on to strip the ball in Madden NFL 21. The timing of the strip is also key. Offensive ball-carriers are more likely to drop the ball when fighting for extra yards or when stood up by another tackler. Defensive players are harder to strip.

Here’s how to strip the ball in Madden 21:

    Once the ball has been snapped, you’ll need to get a defender to the ball carrier. Either rush over with your defender if possible, or select a closer one to the ball carrier. Do that by pressing Circle button on PS4 or B on the Xbox One controller.
    Once you’re close to the ball carrier, press the Right Bumper or R1 button on your controller. If done properly, it will make the defender swipe at the ball as they go for the tackle.

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Stripping a ball depends on a lot of factors and every player has skill with carrying the ball that makes them prone to fumbles but has to be done carefully.

Give the opposition player as less of a space as possible and then initiate the grab and you’ll be able to get possession of the ball in a jiffy. This is all there is to know about how to strip the ball in Madden 21.