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Get a free DeMar DeRozan MyTeam Moments Card Code in NBA 2K17

NBA 2K17 is released in September, landing platform for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. And this year NBA 2K17 gets the assessments at 8.9 by IGN. NBA 2K16 has achieved great success. Especially the new mode and star models, and the increase of the twelve legendary ball team also also contribute to the success. In this year, NBA 2K17 does better in the game experience and game design. Its game modes are bountiful and interesting. This year’s FIFA 17 has added the story mode “Journey” like MC mode in NBA 2K17. MyCareer mode is the highlight of the the NBA 2K17. The game will deepen the career mode again, allowing players from the University League began to build their own superstar.
A locker code is a code that allows you to get a certain amount of Virtual Currency and a free item for your MyPlayer in "NBA 2K17."  NBA 2K17 Locker Code collectors take notice. It’s now possible to get a Demar DeRozan MyTeam Moments Card for free on PS4, Xbox One and other platforms. Simply enter the provided digits and profit. The details actually went live on Saturday but were recently retweeted by 2K Sports over the last few hours. For those that can’t see it below, here’s the code required to get the card: ABGS7-AMR2A-TCNQJ-5YY4U-4R44S.
Although 2K Sports announced via Ronnie 2K's Twitter that they will be giving unlimited "NBA 2K17" free agent locker codes for all the players that had a Moment card from opening night, you should notice that it’s a free agent card, so that means it can only be used for a limited number of MyTeam games. That being said, while it’s active, it should be good enough to give your stats a solid boost.
DeMar Derozan is currently lighting it up with the Toronto Raptors as a shooting guard. He began this year’s NBA season with five straight 30-point performances. The last phenom to accomplish that feat was Michael Jordan three decades ago. NBA 2K17 has featured this Moments Card to commemorate that ridiculous achievement. 2K Sports has announced that these opening night locker codes, whichever of them will be released, will be free and unlimited.  There's a catch, though; fans will have to tweet these players and bug them to tell 2K Sports to release a locker code for them.