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Genshin Impact has made around $393 million in revenue

Genshin Impact Accounts Open-world adventure game Genshin Impact has made its developer miHoYo around $393 million in revenue since launching in late September according to mobile analytics firm Sensor Tower. The wild part? That number only accounts for the game’s mobile income.

It's worth noting that this data does not include revenue from third-party Android stores which are widely used in territories such as China. And the country happened to be the largest market for player spending during Genshin Impact's first two months making up 30.5% of the total revenue (equalling $120 million). Japan charted at No.2 with $98 million followed by the US with $74 million.

That said however Genshin Impact’s US$393million revenue only accounts for its earnings on mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. It doesn’t include income from its other available platforms like PS4 and PC.

Genshin Impact

According to a report from SensorTower Genshin Impact Crystals Accounts Genshin Impact revenue has now reached approximately $393 million on mobile alone over a span of two months tracked from September 28 to November 28. That places the game ahead of PUBG Mobile and Pokemon GO in the same span and behind Honor of Kings but there one element of the report suggests Genshin Impact could be slowing down to fall closer in line with its top-tier competitors. While the game made nearly $250 million in its first month that dropped to close to $150 million in its second though that could be because many players got the characters they were chasing in the interim - meaning new releases like Zhongli could send those numbers back up.

It should also be pointed out that much of the money made by these mobile games is taken in from hardcore players known as “whales,” for whom the constant thrill of the gacha lottery can be addictive. The relationship between games like Genshin Impact and its players can often be parasitic and if Genshin Impact players behave like players of other microtransaction-driven games I wouldn’t be surprised if most of that staggering $393 million was culled from a tiny fraction of its overall player base.

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