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Genshin Impact, is censoring words in the in game chat function

buy Genshin Impact Account Hit free-to-play RPG Genshim Impact will not allow users to mention Taiwan or Hong Kong as part of in-game chat.

As Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad points out on Twitter it's pretty unsurprising that discussions about Taiwan and Hong Kong would be discouraged with a chat filter this being a Chinese game. Linking to a $4,000 report from Niko Partners designed to aid games publishers towards launches in China Ahmad points out that "Chinese-developed games have to comply with a ton of content and in-game censorship rules". He also points out that a list of banned words exists.

Ahead of Taiwan’s national day on Saturday Indian media reported the Chinese embassy’s Genshin Impact Account onlinepress department had emailed Indian reporters asking them to “not violate the One-China principle” which includes Beijing claim that Taiwan is a territory of the People’s Republic of China.

Western developers are used to altering their games in order to comply with these regulations - you can't release a game in China without doing so. But western developers rarely censor such phrases in their "home" versions. Geshin Impact is rare in that it is a Chinese-developed video game that has enjoyed breakout global success. In fact according to analysts Genshin Impact is the biggest Chinese global video game hit ever.

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