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Freestyle offensive sets- The Two Man Game for your better NBA 2K17 game experience

NBA 2K series are developed by 2K and it is released once a year. 2K Sports is back at it again with another title in their NBA 2K series with the release of NBA 2K17 over a month ago. The game is available on Playstation 3 and 4, Xbox 360 and One, Microsoft Windows, iOS and Android. It has got high assessments by IGN of 8.9. This generation of NBA2K17 park mode and career mode are all very good. The designis more balanced, and there is no absolute superstar.
The overall gaming experience than the previous series is closer to the real NBA Stadium, this improvement is indeed a very pleasant surprise! MyCareer mode is the highlight of the the NBA 2K17. The game will deepen the career mode again, allowing players from the University League began to build their own superstar. Here we will bring you some freestyle offensive sets for beginner players, but also throw in some play calling that will help you take your game to the next level.
The Two-Man Game
Anyone that has played a game of basketball, from pick-up ball down at the rec center to college basketball, will be familiar with one of the most basic options to get some offense flowing on the court. These basic options usually center around a two-man game often referred to as the ‘Pick-and-Roll’. If you don’t find success with a simple pick, try using the advanced pick control options. These can be activated while holding the pick button, then use R1 on Playstation 4 or RB on Xbox One to choose between a roll or fade move on your screen. A roll will send the screener towards the basket looking for a dump off pass. A fade will send the screener away from the pick looking for a pass that will set him up with a midrange jump shot. You will want to take your big man’s skills in to consideration when choosing which move to use.
Another advanced control is to use the R2 button on Playstation 4 or RT button on Xbox One to choose which side you want the screener to set the pick on. Try playing around with this control until you discover which side you are more comfortable driving on. In NBA 2K17, the player can call for a pick as the ball handler with the L1 button on Playstation 4 or LB button on Xbox One. Simply pressing these buttons will allow the player to do a quick play call, but press and hold will call for a pick. Once the pick is called, the designated big man will run over to set a pick on the player defending you. You can drive past the pick for an attempt at a layup with the ball handler.