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Flip Master does not require an internet connection to enjoy

Flip Master Coins One of the styles that in recent months is setting trends is that of jumps be it the famous game of the bottle throwing knives or with trampolines. Precisely this last genre is the one chosen by MiniClip to bring us Flip Master one of the most complete jumping games on Google Play and which is occupying the first positions of the most downloaded games tops.

"Master the trampoline with somersaults backflips flick-flacks layouts and jumps on trampolines in your garden in the gym or in the circus and train until you are the master of the trampoline" is how the makers of Miniclip explain the new Flip Master . “With its own physics engine and animated ragdoll physics Flip Master is the most dynamic and fun trampoline experience ever developed. Resist the rules of physics and prove your skills. "

 Flip Master

The challenge consists of executing the most spectacular jumps and pirouettes to advance through Cheap Flip Master Coins the different levels and unlock new scenes and characters. Likewise you will have to deal with them in different stages with instruments to make your somersaults more acrobatic: showers of coins medicine balls buckets etc.

Pick from a variety of cool locations including a Crazy Circus and a Trampoline Park with multiple trampolines! Unlock dangerous and spectacular skills with amazing characters; every character has their own unique physics and moves!

Flip Master does not require an internet connection to enjoy. Although we can also synchronize it with Google Play Games. As we have already said it contains purchases within the application and can be obtained from the Play Store for free. If you are looking for a new jumping game with Flip Master we are possibly facing the maturity of the genre.

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