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FIFA 18 Updated fixed several bugs and glitches on FUT

EA Sports releases a new patch for FIFA 18: many problems resolved in this update, especially in the online sector and Ultimate Team.

The new patch of FIFA 18 did not limit itself to solving the problems mentioned above, with the US software house that has fixed other bugs and secondary glitches that had nevertheless caused quite a few hassles to users all over the world.

Habemus patch. FIFA 18 is updated again, with EA finally resolving some annoying problems that have been affecting the football title for some time. The most substantial updates, also this time, are clearly linked to the online sector, with particular attention to the glitch removed by Ultimate Team.

Among the most important news is the resolution of the wrong allocation of penalties, which were unfairly whistled on air strikes between attackers and defenders without the latter committed foul. Fixed also some unusual behaviors of the goalkeepers, who previously were too much time on the ground without recovering the ball after a parade and did not always automatically go to the ball when they received a back pass - especially if in manual mode.

As for the FUT Champions, a whole series of troublesome questions have been resolved: for example, a time limit has been added, beyond which the user can not keep the Playstation menu open during a game. If you do not fall within the expiration of the timer the match will be lost to a table. Added also the possibility to see the replays of the FUT Champions Channel at 0.5x, while the single player camera was removed and the restart button in the pause menu. Finally, fixed the glitch of the pause timer in the aforementioned menu, which appeared in the replays of the same mode as the tutorial for the penalty shootout.

On Squad Battles, however, there has been a fixing of the Special Rose screen, which was not correctly loaded when scrolling quickly between the menu items of the mode introduced in FIFA 18.

Below is a list of the remaining improvements(
  •     Pressing the shutter button will allow the goalkeeper to get up more quickly from the ground with the ball in his hands.
  •     Fixed the player's control glitch during the skill tests, with the user who was using an incorrect player in certain challenges. In addition, the player will no longer disappear if the skill of the dribbles will be performed on several occasions.
  •     The FIFA Trainer will also show the game mechanics in the introductory match and not just the movements.
  •     On Pro Club there will no longer be disconnections from captains who invite another player.
  •     Values ​​above 10 in the default tactics of Ultimate Team roses have been restored to normal values.
  •     The FIWC Stadium has been renamed FeWC Stadium.
  •     Fixed the problem of the wrong selection of uniforms on FUT Online, with players who, at times, displayed kits that did not correspond to those actually chosen.
  •     Update the 2D photos of a couple of players.
  •     The look of Sami Khedira, Juventus and Germany midfielder has been updated.