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Fifa 18,Lionel Messi has been rewarded with a new Ultimate Team card

FIFA 18 is the most popular football simulation game on PS4/XboxOne/NintendoSwitch/PC, developed by EA Sports. The game provides the both online and offline mode for every ages of people who loves football or just loves to play football game. At the very beginning of the start, you can try on the Career Mode along with the tutorial step by step so that you can grasp the basic handling and game rules quickly.

Lionel Messi has been rewarded for his outstanding displays with a new Ultimate Team card – and it’s incredible.

The 30-year-old Argentine, who helped Barcelona smash Real Madrid 3-0 in Saturday’s Clasico, received a Team of the Week (TOTW) card boasting an incredible 95 score.

In fact, it’s one point higher than cover star Cristiano Ronaldo’s standard 94-rated card.But that’s not the only area where Messi trumps his old rival.At 92 pace, he’s two points clear of Ronaldo’s 90 speed rating.

Elsewhere, he beats the Real Madrid ace on passing (90 compared to 82) and dribbling (98 to 90), and matches Ronaldo’s 93 shooting score.

Now, we know that Ronaldo has a 95 card, too – but even that scores lower than Messi in a number of key attributes.

For one, the 95 card only has 91 pace, 84 passing and 92 dribbling – all of which are trumped by the new Messi card.

The only area where the 32-year-old takes a substantial lead is in the physical and shooting ratings – the latter two points higher than the upgraded Messi.

The Barcelona star joined 2017’s top scorer Harry Kane and Manchester City hitman Sergio Aguero to lead an unstoppable attacking force for TOTW 15.

Kane’s hat-trick against Southampton on Boxing Day saw the striker overtake Messi as the most prolific forward of the year – with 56 goals for club and country.

Aguero, meanwhile, bagged a brace against Bournemouth at the weekend to take his tally to 12 so far this season in the league.

Elsewhere in FIFA 18, fans are gearing up for the Team of The Year, which is set to be unveiled in January.

Chosen players will receive huge upgrades – often rocketing their scores well into the 90s.

Last year’s Ronaldo card was the highest scoring in the game – with an enormous 99 rating.

There’s no word yet about how this year’s team will be decided, although we should hear something at the start of next month.

Ronaldo’s place in the team is almost guaranteed – after all, it would be a political nightmare for EA to omit the Real Madrid star.

On paper, though, the Portuguese has struggled to emulate the form that guided him to the Ballon D’or earlier in the year – and has only recently showed glimpses of his best.

Messi and Robert Lewandowski are two other players almost certain to nab spot in the coveted squad.

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