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Elsharion the Light Ifrit is a Great Nat Five Star Monster in Summoners War

Just like other Ifrits, the Light one has Mega Smash as first skill, that deals damage proportionate to his own attack speed and inflicts continuous damage for two turns at 75% chance on max skillup: take into account that Elsharion is a light element monster. The Monster Summoning Pieces to summon Light Ifrit will be revealed at the new Ancient Magic Shop. Users can exchange the Ancient Coins that can only be acquired from events with the Summoning Pieces. You can summon a Light Ifrit with 100 Light Ifrit Summoning Pieces.

Ifrit Summoning Pieces


Most party choices are end-game monsters commonly used in other end-game dungeons and areas, making this team a good choice for those not looking to invest in a lot of new monsters. Alternatively, this team can also be used to take on Leos on Hell difficulty as well. The firs skill deals damage plus continous damage and the second skill ignores defense if Leo has less than 30% of his Max HP.
The idea of this rune set is that make him less tanky and kick in some huge damage. Once he reach less than 30% of his HP, attack using Torrent skill which deals a huge damage because it ignores enemy's defence and at the same time recover the lost HP. Elsharion the Light Ifrit is a great nat-5 star monster in Summoners War. Should you cherished this short article as well as you want to obtain more information concerning Summoners War Accounts kindly go to our internet site. You can summon him in the brand new Ancient Magic shop, buying pieces of him for Ancient Coins obtainable from Events he is infact obtainable by every player through this shop using 500 Coins.
Com2uS will be holding a special event where users can acquire the Ancient Coins, new in-game currency exclusive for the Ancient Magic Shop, with the update. Users can complete daily goals at the event page and earn various items and the Ancient Coins based on the number of daily goal completions from the 17th to 30th.
The first turn is dedicated to setup from Galleon and Stella, inflicting a Defense Debuff and Branding on Kotos or Leos, so that nuking skills can be spammed after he makes his first attacks harmlessly on Chloe's shield.
On attack, you have complete control of the action of your monsters, and you can decide what monster to target. But on defense side monsters make their own actions and it is easier to counter Leo's ability immunity protects the monster from Leo's atb reduction. Chloe can be built as a pure support monster, with speed, HP, and defense as priority stats. She should ideally be the fastest monster on the team, as this will allow her to get a second turn during the boss stage, after all of her team mates have moved.
In the Summoners War, the defensive is fixed character placed there to attack success, but only represents the role and rune that just restrains each other, no defense can not be broken, no offensive team is all-in-one, so when you defeat The other party, please don’t say that the other’s defense is bad.