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Durango Wild Lands would be shutting down on December 18th

The development of the MMO crafting game Durango: Wild Lands was a lengthy one, with many delays and hiccups along the way. Back in May, the game finally arrived on Android as a finished product, but I guess things haven't been going well since the developers have announced that the title will be shut down on December 18th. Sometime today, all in-app purchases will be removed, and the final story for the game is currently in preparation, so it looks like development will continue until December despite the lack of IAPs. By the way, is the professional Durango: Wild Lands T-Stones store. We promise that our gold is 100% safe and cheapest.

Durango: Wild Lands is set in a post-apocalyptic universe where humans coexist alongside dinosaurs. It is a survival MMO that has players hunt, craft, cook, farm, and build settlements that have co-op elements baked into it. The franchise was massively popular in the south-east Asian market but failed to capture the hearts of western audiences, by the looks of it. The shutdown is very likely due to some internal conflict within Nexon, as the Play Store ratings of Durango: Wild Lands are largely positive, with most players stating that they're satisfied with the game. Even the comments on the Facebook post express a similar sentiment. To enhance your adventure and compliment your gameplay, you can buy Durango: Wild Lands Items from the reputable sellers in a safe secure environment and at cheap rates.

Another possible explanation for the shutdown is that the game simply didn't generate enough revenue. Keeping things fresh in an MMO is often tricky as things tend to get repetitive, and without enough revenue generated, rolling out new content becomes even trickier. The decision to pull the plug just five months after its release is a rather interesting one, though. Usually, companies tend to slug it out for a little bit longer before giving up on a franchise. For example, Pokemon Duel was in the red for months before it got marked for deletion. Durango: Wild Lands will get one last expansion patch that will bring a final chapter, balance improvements, and new PVP elements. If you want to give it a try, head over the Play Store, one can rest easy knowing that the game doesn't have IAPs anymore, so the playing field is pretty much leveled.

So yeah, if you're big into Durango: Wild Lands, this is sad news, though it's nice to know the devs will continue development past the recent announcements of the scheduled shutdown. Not only is a final chapter expected, new PvP content, and balance tweaks (that should allow for easier play so everyone can experience the majority of content before it's gone) are coming soon. This should alleviate any issues with the current balancing that's connected to the game's many IAPs, which actually has me interested in revisiting the game. It's a bittersweet situation, but as a gamer who despises heavy monetization, I'm probably going to take advantage while I can. In addition, Cheap Durango: Wild Lands Accounts is on hot sale at our website