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Destiny Child and Dead or Alive Venus Vacation are having their second official collaboration

Destiny Child is a mobile RPG developed by NextFloor and published by LINE Games. The game includes hundreds of collectible 'Childs', summonable characters led in teams of five. Like other gacha RPGs, players can obtain these characters primarily through the game's summoning system as well as by simply playing through the story. The gameplay includes collection of characters called "Childs" to battle in story quests, events, and PVP.

The time has finally arrived! Destiny Child and Dead or Alive Venus Vacation are having their second official collaboration. This will mark the return of some classic characters as well as some new ones for players to enjoy! Right now players can interact with Kasumi, Honoka, and Marie Rose from the two games’ original collaboration from 2019.

The two new characters can be 5-star Ayane with Wood Type Attacker skills and 5-star Leifang wielding Fire Type Debuffer powers.

Additionally, players will find a few other additions in this update, including:
  •     Soul Cartas – Two all-new Soul Cartas is now available for players to experience
  •     illustrations of DOAXVV’s famous characters illustrations, including the 5-star “Relaxing
  •     Beach” and 5-star “Excuse Me..?”
  •     Bitter Sweet Vacation Event – From now through server maintenance on Thursday,
  •     November 5, players can collect “Venus Memories” in various dungeons to earn rewards such
  •     as Ayane’s three-piece equipment bundle and the 5-star “Excuse Me..?” Soul Carta.

Since its launch in 2017, DEAD OR ALIVE XVV has delivered the hit series’ spin-off and head-turning fighters to players on PC. In the upcoming second collaboration between the two games, two new characters are racked up to become available for Destiny Child players to unlock and collect. More firm details on these two characters will be revealed later, with Kasumi, one of the characters from the first collaboration between the two games, set to bust into Destiny Child as a new World Boss.

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