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Creating your NBA 2K16 player is incredibly fun

While the beginning of the NBA 2K16 Season is an exciting time every year, for a fan in Ohio this year is special. Our prodigal son has returned, and promises to make basketball in the Buckeye State a much more exciting experience this year. Of course, it’s going to be a tough path to the championship if Derrick Rose, John Wall, or Lebron’s old running mates Bosh and Wade have anything to say about it. The NBA is, more than any other major sport, a personality driven league. With only 5 men on the court at any given time, each player means that much more, and the great ones are international superstars.
The other addition to the MyCareer player in NBA 2K16 is its integration into the new game mode MyPark. Here, online gamers can take their created players and take on others on a public court. Players move freely to any court of their choosing and step into pick-up games against other players. What makes this mode enthralling is that it grants more space on the court for players to learn the game, find and expose lanes, and gain insight into proper passing. For now, server delay is somewhat present; shot timing and offensive movement are significantly affected. While this requires a change in timing, MyPark is nonetheless an enthralling enough mode that learning new timing with the new shooting scheme isn’t quite as hard as it may sound; still, stronger servers would make the game mode much better.
Online gameplay is gonna need some serious work, we are still a long ways away in 2K where the better player will always win online. On the other hand, Offline gameplay is like a dream. The freelance Offense system in 2K has a steep learning curve; but if a user can incorporate this feature properly, authentic NBA action can be replicated at-will. The depth of the playbook system is also incredible. Plays in 2K can automatically branch out counters on their own and there are close to a hundred of these option plays in the game. It is really too bad 2K doesn’t offer any in depth instructions on how-to best use these features. Responsiveness of controls are also the best it has ever been; however, there’s still minor delay in control input during rebounding and lose ball situations.
Because regardless of which of two voice options you choose, you will be a real douchebag. Your character never even really becomes a likeable loser in any way, he’s just a cocky dingbat with entitlement issues. It’s really frustrating to want to live out the life and career of a budding NBA star, but throughout the experience you’re just filled with self-loathing because your pro has undeserved, unearned hubris and the maturity of a gnat. The vast majority of NBA rookies have dedicated their lives to get to the elite professional level, and they are professional, articulate and mature, but the writers who dreamed up the loser we are forced to play as here have us think they’re all hotrodding tools.
Creating your NBA 2K16 player is incredibly fun. It's possible to use a default player and customize his height, weight, facial details, hair, etc., or you can start from scratch with a scan of your own face, which is a new, exclusive PlayStation 4 and Xbox One feature. I placed the PlayStation Eye Camera about 18 inches in front of my face, and rotated my head about 30 degrees in either direction. Scanning took about 45 seconds to complete. Once your face is scanned you can tweak your player's other attributes to your heart's content. I got a huge kick out of seeing my head on a NBA court! Note: Scanning your own face can be a bit tricky. Make sure that you've got good lighting and you're prepared to sit perfectly still while being scanned.
Luckily, other areas of MyCareer have been greatly improved, so much so that I found it slowly becoming my favorite mode the more I played. There’s still a “story”shoehorned onto the experience, but it’s a more relatable one -- a tale of proving yourself. In-game conversations with coaches or members of the press manageto not feel ridiculous, and stat gains have been simplified to manageable and well-known sliders, eliminating the need for mental math or planning too far in advance (if I wanted talent trees I’d play World of Warcraft). The way defense works is especially fitting in MyCareer -- want to make it with the big boys? You'd better play like The Glove every time down the court, because important characters are watching, and the blink of an eye could send the man with the ball flying straight past you.