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Cooking Fever has been downloaded more than 100 million times

Nordcurrent has put Lithuania on the map as a game development destination. The Vilnius company has more than 100 employees, thanks to the popularity of Cooking Fever. Since its release in 2014, Cooking Fever has been downloaded more than 100 million times. It is one of 50 titles that Nordcurrent has published since Victoria Trofimova, CEO of Nordcurrent, founded the company with her husband Michail Trofimov and his brother Sergej Trofimov in 2002.

Cooking Fever, a mobile kitchen-sim game for iOS and Android, is getting an update this month that has players running a restaurant inside the stadium of Spanish soccer team FC Barcelona, which is the best team in Europe. Developer Nordcurrent secured the deal to enable gamers to feel like they are cooking up meals for fans of the sports franchise and even some of the players. Updates like these have helped Cooking Fever surpass more than 50 million downloads. It’s among the top 100 highest-grossing iPhone games in the United States, and it’s in the top 50 in the U.K., according to data firm App Annie. Now, with FC Barcelona, it could capture even more of the $30 billion mobile-gaming business.

Trofimova said in an interview with GamesBeat at the Game Developers Conference that the company worked more many years as a developer-for-hire in the console business. At its height, it was making Wii and PlayStation 2 titles for Activision in the Shrek and Barbie franchises.Then it moved to self publishing, with titles such as 101-in-1, which the company licensed to Atlus for publication. That game was a paid version, Trofimova said, “And we saw that was not the way forward. If you want to know where to buy Cooking Fever Coins, will be your best choice.

Five years ago, the company shifted to free-to-play mobile games, with the occasional PC casual game. 101-in-1, re-released as free-to-play, showed Nordcurrent that was the way to go. Then Cooking Fever rose to the top of the cooking genre and it has stayed in the top 100 grossing games. Cooking Fever now has 22 locations within the game and 880 levels.

Nordcurrent competes with other Eastern European game companies like Russia’s Playrix. But Nordcurrent is trying to maintain a larger game portfolio across casual and mid-core games. She thinks that augmented reality and virtual reality will be platforms of the future, but they are not as promising today.