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Billiards Game 8 Ball Pool on the Line Five Years Revenue of about 2.7 Billion

Miniclip's billiards game 8 Ball Pool is an evergreen product. According to data from market analyst firm Sensor Tower, the game has been on the line since 2013, with a cumulative global revenue of about $400 million about 2.7 billion.
In the last quarter, it contributed more than 20 million US dollars in revenue, which means that this 5-year-old product still has more than 6.66 million US dollars about 45 million yuan. January 2017 was the month with the highest revenue, with more than $17 million. Last month, the game ranked 119th in the global mobile game revenue list, and the US ranked 70th.
The United States is the largest market for the 8 Ball Pool, accounting for 52% of total revenue over $210 million, followed by the UK market, accounting for 12% nearly $50 million. In terms of downloading, 8 Ball Pool has accumulated more than 460 million downloads worldwide, including over 80 million downloads in the United States.

8 Ball Pool Technology Guide


As a developer and publisher of 8 Ball Pool, Miniclip is a veteran game company founded in 2001 by Rob Small and Tihan Presbie, initially as Flash. Small game, now a company that combines mobile games, social games and online web games, with more than 200 million monthly active users on all platforms. In case you have almost any issues about where by in addition to the best way to work with Cheap 8 Ball Pool Coins, you possibly can email us on our own page. Miniclip currently has offices in Switzerland, Portugal, Italy and the UK with more than 250 employees.
If you want to play the ball, but I am worried that the entrance and exit of the stadium is too complicated and prohibitive? Now a machine in your hand 8 Ball Pool gives you all the time, so you can hone your skills anytime, anywhere.
Don't worry about the beginners who haven't played the ball first, 8 Ball Pool technology guides you, you can start slowly as long as you follow the steps. And 8 Ball Pool is easier than real billiards.
The reason is that 8 Ball Pool it will have an angle. After you aim at it, there will be an extended line to help you judge the direction of the hit. At this time, you only need to select the strength and pull the club on the left side of the screen. Pull down, it means the greater the power of hitting out, but the bigger the power, the better, otherwise it will make the ball pop up.
Also be careful not to accidentally put the 8th ball into the bag before you finish the ball that belongs to your number, so you will end the game early, and regret it too late. Also be careful not to accidentally score the opponent's ball, so that although you have a goal, you will also switch to the other side.
8 Ball Pool There are also a variety of clubs to choose from. Each club has different functions. If you buy it, you can exchange it at any time. There are also achievements system that allows you to work hard to achieve, and all kinds of achievements can be collected for a long time without being bored. Finally, if you think that the lowest stack of 50 is no longer enough to satisfy your appetite, you can also challenge the big gambling code. If you want to pursue high rewards, players who have confidence in their own technology can follow their own. Ability to choose a gambling code.