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Basketball fans will likely have a great time playing NBA 2K16

Earning VC in NBA 2K16 can be a time consuming process. The currency is used to level up your player and get you new gear. Well it turns out that there are a few ways to get seemingly unlimited VC in My Career and My Park modes. So how do you get this VC you ask? Let’s start with the My Career VC Glitch first. It seems safe to say, most people really like NBA 2K16. According to Metacritic, the conglomerate score for the game is an impressive 86. That's before major publications such as IGN North America. You can't totally predict what any reviewer will say about a game, but with Tuesday being the official release in stores-and with many already enjoying many of the aspects of the game from Friday's Early Tip-Off Edition-it would be surprising to see a series of low grades bring NBA 2K16's score down.
But all these features and modes would be nothing without compelling gameplay, and "NBA 2K16" has nailed that aspect. Whether you're going to take the more traditional route of guiding an established NBA team in the hopes of becoming world champs or putting yourself in the game, the fluidity and authenticity of the gameplay and the faithful recreation of some of the game's biggest stars is unmatched. 2K Sports has raised the bar once again on the virtual hardwood. "NBA 2K16" is available Sept. 29 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

In “NBA 2K16,” Spike Lee’s fiction feels somewhat like the trope that fuels “Ballers,” the HBO comedy about NFL football starring Dwayne Johnson. Here, however, the story is more profound. You begin as a young star in a Harlem high school, wide-eyed and carefree. But once you’re a Brooklyn Net, you’re plagued by cheats and hangers-on who have their hands out for your hard-earned millions. Pitting sports entertainment against the evils of commerce certainly isn’t new to anyone who regularly scans today’s headlines, but any kind of far-reaching drama is new for the sports genre. Ideally, a well-balanced, interactive story is the kind of thing which, if done well, would touch a gamer, even make a gamer cry.
Evaluating NBA 2K16 as a whole is actually an interesting challenge. On one hand, this is arguably the most mechanically sound sports game on the market and the gameplay improvements that Visual Concepts made are downright superb. The issue here lies with the decision to make Livin ‘Da Dream the focus and backbone of MyCareer falling flat. There are some moments throughout Spike Lee’s in-game film that might bring a smile to your face, but this story doesn’t lend itself to this franchise’s gameplay or the video game medium itself. Yes, basketball fans will likely have a great time playing NBA 2K16 for hours on end, but there are too many small steps back here that can’t be ignored. The good news for fans of sports games is that the first misstep in this great franchise is still a very good game, which speaks to how truly fun its gameplay is.
Going further, MyLeague lets you take the mantle of the entire NBA and its 30 teams. The most fun aspect of this mode is the ability to truly customize the League and mix up the teams via a fantasy draft. You can even take MyLeague online and hash out with a pal as to who’s better at creating a winning team. Rounding out the game modes are the created-character-centric MyPark and 2K Pro-Am. MyPark has you choosing between three fictional teams and increasing your rep with the team to make sure that the unit comes out on top. Pro-Am, on the other hand, is a simple matchmaking 5-on-5 mode that lets you test your character against other created ballers. They’re both a ton of fun, but unless you buy a VC pack (these micro-transactions aren’t going away anytime soon) or pre-ordered the special Jordan edition of 2K16, you may have trouble competing.
The NBA 2K series has been notorious for online issues at launch. My fingers are crossed, but this year I haven’t encountered a single connection issue with the game during this review. That’s a considerable step forward for the series if this trend continues, and possibly the most important thing for a series which has it’s gameplay, graphics, and modes dialed in so well.