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Archetype LockDown Defender of My Player mode in NBA 2K17

NBA 2K17 wouldn’t be as big of a success without its arguably strongest game mode – MyPlayer. MyPlayer has the best player customization of any sports title. MyGM and MyLeague break away from the core game mechanic so that gamers can expand their horizons into managing a team. MyPark allows for quick pickup games with other people who enjoy the game. 2K Sports has dominated the NBA video game industry for several years now, thanks in large part to this feature. In MyPlayer mode, players can create a custom player that can be used to play through story and career mode.
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Archetype Slasher of My Player mode in NBA 2K17

Archetypes are preset playing styles for created MyPlayers. Selecting an archetype that fits your playing style is crucial and your MyPlayer base stats will default to higher or lower attribute stats in various areas depending on your selection. We are kicking off the series with the shooting guard position where players will get to choose from five different archetypes. Here we will bring you Slasher tutorial.
LockDown Defender

This archetype is probably less popular amongst players as you are essentially setting yourself up to succeed on the end of the court that receives minimal accolades and star attention. In the NBA, very few players are known as lock down defenders. Overall, this player type will afford you a very nice overall player rating to start with as you will receive a boost in most of the athletic ability categories. Your bread-and-butter will be jumping passing lanes and getting steals in order to push a fastbreak offense, hopefully resulting in a score or assist.
The ideal defensive shooting guard should be between 6’3” and 6’5”. At this size, you will maintain a decent speed rating to keep up with the quick-footed slashers, but also have the length to defend shooters. While most of your offensive statistics will be mediocre at best, your athletic ratings will allow you to move fluidly around the court.
In the new NBA 2K17, we can found that the entire game interface is simpler than the previous version, and 2K has added some new NBA elements. In the player's most attention to the operating experience, the player can adjust the rocker position, sensitivity and size according to the set page , this design is very affinity. As with the previous series of games, the left side of the interface is still the direction of the rocker to control the direction of the player forward, and the right side of the interface is shooting, passing, pick and roll and other action keys. Particularly worth mentioned, the fluency of the game higher in the new NBA2K17, the player's reaction for the operation is also faster, more agile action.