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Alphasoft Studio has announced that Will to Live has arrived on Steam

Developers of games like Eve Online are much admired for their commitment to handing the reins to players – acting as caretakers to their whims rather than directors of their every action. But it’s one thing to admire, and another to sit back and let matters take their course once players begin to find holes in your carefully designed systems. That’s what AlphaSoft have attempted with Will To Live, an MMO shooter set at the mutant-inhabited end of the world.

Alphasoft Studio has announced that Will to Live has arrived on Steam Early Access. The "MMO shooter with RPG elements" where players are dropped into a world "inhabited by mutants and filled with mysterious anomalous zones". The goal is simple: Survive, join with others to secure territories or fight world bosses or take part in short PvP session battles. It's all there to appeal to a broad array of players.

In Will To Live Online, players enter a post-apocalyptic world in which to survive. The developers report that in the game, gamers can engage in hunting and gathering, trade and exchange items with other players, fight monsters and complete tasks to study in-game history.

Among the features are a large open world, 4 character classes, realistic shooting, pumping, a branched storyline and a crafting system. Will To Live Online is still in Steam Early Access.

There are currently 35 experience levels to progress, which will require approximately 100-125 hours of gameplay. As mentioned there are different classes and in each server there are 4 slots for character creation, so for each server it is possible to create all 4 classes.
There are no specific problems in the balance of the game itself except that personally the objects of the missions should be excluded from falling when you die.

The challenge is that of an average MMORPG, levels and equipment matter a lot in PVE, while skills are more for the PVP side.

While MMOs tend to divide these playstyles into separate modes or areas, AlphaSoft have been wary of placing too many restrictions on when and how players can interact with each other. They want survivors to be able to band together for safety – and for others to make their lives more difficult if they choose.
  •    Survival in the world of Will to Live this is a real challenge. Your character needs to sleep, eat, craft necessary items, and fight other characters.
  •     Players may choose one of the four classes, each of which has a distinctive group role, its own equipment, and weapons. Sets of weapons are unique for each class. All weapons in Will to Live feature true-to-life ballistics.
  •     The main battles unfold not just between players and clans, but between the whole factions — for resources and territories with bases located on them.

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