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All civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms are unique

The diversity of civilizations (or nations) in Rise of Kingdoms is the main feature that brings a lot of interesting into the game. You must choose one from a list of 11 civilizations right at the beginning of the game. Each nation has its own building architecture styles, perks, starting commanders and special units. The strengths and weaknesses of them bringi into the game a lot of interesting matchups. Throughout the game, you are also able to switch to any other Civilization with ease to fit your playing style and your state in the game better.

France is all about recovering your army.  Starting bonuses boost troop health, stone gathering speed, and healing speed.  The unique unit is the Throwing Axeman, an infantry unit. France’s starting commander is Joan of Arc, who focuses on military support and resource collection.  If you see yourself constantly joining your friends in invading enemy castles, start with this kingdom.

You will start playing for Spain with Pelayo, a cavalry defender. Spain gives +5% to protecting the entire cavalry. Unlike Germany, here horse troops are aimed at survival, not at fast attacks. Other passive skills are to increase the maximum load capacity of troops by 10%, that is, the Spanish army will take from the point of collection or from the city by 10% more resources than a similar army of another nation, and to increase the speed of collecting gold by 10%. It is worth noting that gold as a resource will not be available immediately, but since it takes longer to produce, the bonus to it is very useful. Unique unit Conquistador is an armored rider with a very high rate of protection. Spain — a great civilization, which may be harder to start, but it is easier to play in the future, a little developed. And if you want to Buy ROK Resources, visit, a professional online in-game currency store.

China is another well rounded kingdom.  You’ll get boosts to troop defense, resource production, and building speed.  The Chu-Ko-Nu is your unique archer unit, and your starting commander will be Sun Tzu.  This commander will boost defense and Infantry attack. If this is your first time playing Rise of Kingdoms, China is an excellent option.

The Starting commander of the Land of the rising sun, Kusunoki Masasige, has good attacking abilities and is pumped as a great striker and defender. Japanese units receive +2% to attack, which is also useful in battles. With Japan, you can train 10% more units at a time, and their scouts move 30% faster. The unique samurai warrior is focused on high melee attack. If you want to quickly explore the world, find opponents and fight them, then Japan is a great choice.