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2016-02-16 09:40:56  The physics in NBA 2K16 continue to be the best
2016-02-02 09:55:09  Blocking has been improved in NBA 2K16
2016-01-30 10:33:31  NBA 2K16 has a lot that will keep you busy
2016-01-28 11:03:03  Money is literally making the NBA 2K16 player
2016-01-21 11:42:10  Piecing together strong chemistry in NBA 2K16
2016-01-19 12:01:10  The return of online league mode is the most noticeable in NBA 2K16
2016-01-19 11:12:39  The entire on court experience of NBA 2K16 plays a little bit slower
2016-01-16 10:43:37  The story in NBA 2K16 works reasonably well
2016-01-14 10:44:52  NBA 2K16 still got their fans eyes as always
2016-01-12 14:32:52  The biggest barrier to NBA 2K16 newcomers remains its control scheme
2016-01-08 15:33:29  NBA 2K16 gives players control over everything
2016-01-06 14:25:34  NBA 2K remains one of the most consistent yearly releases of any genre
2015-12-30 10:10:57  NBA 2K16 does extremely well to pack so much into the one game
2015-12-28 14:12:46  NBA 2K16 is so smart that can reorganize the divisions
2015-12-25 14:25:12  Most players can find the fault with NBA 2K16
2015-12-23 09:54:16  Veteran NBA 2K players will recognize some of the old animations in NBA 2K16
2015-12-21 14:05:17  The commentary in NBA 2K16 is the best in the entire sports game genre
2015-12-19 10:49:06  Player models and crowds took a meaningful step forward in NBA 2K16
2015-12-17 09:18:09  The gameplay in NBA 2K16 is sublime
2015-12-15 14:19:35  Practice makes perfect with NBA 2K16
2015-12-11 09:52:24  Online play in NBA 2K16 is steady
2015-12-09 11:32:27  NBA 2K16 is probably the greatest sports game ever made
2015-12-07 10:20:47  Cheerleaders make their debut in NBA 2K16
2015-12-04 14:39:46  Visually NBA 2K16 is pretty gorgeous
2015-12-02 09:41:52  The animations in NBA 2K16 are more fluid
2015-11-30 10:13:29  The online portion in 2K16 can be described as a mixed bag
2015-11-27 09:24:22  There is no better sports game on the planet except NBA 2K16
2015-11-25 09:52:07  NBA 2K16 looks great and plays better
2015-11-23 09:09:44  NBA 2K16 is both tough to love and hard to hate
2015-11-20 09:05:38  NBA 2K16 broke a record for the franchise by selling a massive amount of copies
2015-11-18 09:57:10  Overall the improvements to NBA 2K16 cannot be ignored
2015-11-16 09:16:20  The AI of NBA 2K16 players has been improved
2015-11-13 10:12:30  The story adds an intriguing back story to the NBA 2K16 career mode
2015-11-11 09:27:09  A brand new suite of animations and physics helps NBA 2K16
2015-11-09 09:57:29  NBA 2K16 does keep you well connected with the NBA
2015-11-06 14:31:03  Upgrading your NBA 2K16 character has been tweaked to be much better
2015-11-04 09:08:41  The NBA 2K has always been known for its excellent presentation and visuals
2015-11-02 09:38:37  NBA 2K16 continues the mechanical excellence that this franchise is known for
2015-10-30 09:12:56  NBA 2K16 is one of the strongest sports franchises around
2015-10-29 14:16:23  Players in NBA 2K16 can join squads with their friends and take on other groups
2015-10-28 10:11:43  Is it difficult to master all of the controls in NBA 2K16
2015-10-27 10:30:24  A healthy sense of story has been injected into NBA 2K16 career mode
2015-10-26 09:38:01  NBA 2K16 will keep you busy for hours
2015-10-24 10:36:54  Clipping has grown to be a major problem in the NBA 2K16
2015-10-23 09:12:10  A minor upgrade was made in NBA 2K16
2015-10-22 10:26:36  Players of NBA 2K16 have no control over the off-the-court interactions
2015-10-21 09:35:07  NBA 2K16 maintains its top spot on the virtual basketball mountain
2015-10-20 09:24:38  NBA 2K16 plays like a dream
2015-10-19 10:23:02  Not everyone is so enthusiastic about NBA 2K16
2015-10-16 09:21:09  It is worthwhile for you to pick NBA 2K16
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