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Maybe this is an effort to motivate himself. Thomas, considered one of the premier point guards in the league, is due for a max contract in the offseason, something that is up for lengthy debate and serious convincing powers from his camp. Last years NBA 2K18 cover generated the biggest buzz ever for the popular video ...

MLB The Show 19, like previous editions of the game, seeks to improve the realism of the presentation of America's Pastime. San Diego Studios always seeks to make the game, especially when left idle, look as much like a TV presentation of a real game as possible. There's a new camera angle added to MLB The Show...

To even load into a match you have to know your way around the Dota client and then once you start playing the lack of tutorials mean it can be even harder to pick up than the basics of real Dota. And then once you start to get the hang of things you'll learn the ever changing meta, and try to figure out all of the...

Training Rooms allow gamers to play with others in ways not supported in the main game, and they're part of a bigger plan for the future of World of Tanks Blitz. Delallana explained: Going forward, Delallana said the game will be updated with official tournaments, allowing players to compete against other users of ...

Apex Legends, like Fortnite, is a free-to-play shooting game where you fight through a field of competitors to be the last player standing. It's available for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Unlike Fortnite, you can't play it on smartphones or tablets yet. And it doesn't have cross-platform support, ...

Madden NFL 19 is one of the best American football simulation video game on xbox and ps4, if you want to enjoy the fantasy sports at home on bed you’d better download from psn store or xbox store with a little money and patience. When you downloaded the video game you should test your hardware because many player...

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